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I bought a cat! But not of the real variety :(

November 29, 2010

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen posts about my yearning for a cat. I’ve always grown up around animals, they are my greatest passion & I’ve always been surrounded by animals. I’m finding it slightly hard to only have two babies. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has said a big fat NO to having a cat. Boo!

When I first noticed this jumper on the ASOS website, I didn’t think much of it. Then, every time I went into the sale section of the site & seeing it, it kept growing on me. Finally, I caved in & bought it, at the time it was just under $20au!

After having days of 30°+ days, today came in at 21°! This is perfect for in between days today! It’s sunny, but still cool! The jumper is super light & oh so comfortable! The sleeve length is purrrfect! (Sorry! I couldn’t resist!)

So cute! I’m thinking of naming it Belvedere! Why? Because I can!

One of the reasons why Adam doesn’t want a kitty is because of the little Miss above! Ginny Pig is a little wild. Though whenever she comes across, she’s the biggest wuss ever & hides, in her own territory, we aren’t sure what she’d be like. Frodo is fine with cats, he’s lived with one previously & honestly, Frodo loves everyone. I have done a lot of research into introducing cats in to homes with dogs, & I think Ginny would do alright. Plus, i’m home pretty much 24/7 to watch over them!

Yes, different location for pictures! The bedroom! Couldn’t be bothered setting everything up outside & seeing it’s not really a full OOTD post, I figured why not! This is typical everyday wear for me. In summer is can be anything from pj’s, singlet & boy-shorts to a light dress. Winter usually is tracky-dacks and oversized jumpers!


The next item I wish I could add to my new cat clothing collection would be the rip off Miu Miu heels. I could NEVER afford Miu Miu, but these rip offs would do me fine! You can find them on e-bay when searching for Miu cat inspire. I also love the swallows!

  • Lou

    Those are amazing shoes!

  • 2manycupcakesau

    I have this top and I love it! Just be careful when you wash it. Mine is now a funny shape 🙁

  • The funny thing is I have a skirt of the exact same print as the F21 pumps! I think the F21 pumps are beauuutiful but as it is, I could never ever be able to walk in heels like these, not even when the front is slightly platformed even. Looking cute in the kitty jumper!

  • that jumper is awesome! Its a shame you cant have a cat 🙁 but eee how cute is your doggy in the last pic playing peak-a-boo! 😉

  • Oh man! I’m so happy to see someone buy that shirt. Everytime I go on ASOS I kind of want it… but kind of wonder if I’d ACTUALLY wear it. (I probably would, to be honest.)

    Love you in it!

  • LOVE your hair and love your little dog!! I really want a Minpin which your doggie reminds me of a bit (tho I think yours has a bit of Jack Russell, doesn’t he?) I’m not a cat person, so it’s my hubby that wants eventually to get a cat. But first we have to get a house. Yes.

  • Shewearscrazywell

    I’m such a sucker…I now have this lovely kitty sweater coming my way! 🙂 You’ve got great taste! 🙂 I am soooo excited! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • Enjoy it! It is super soft and comfy!

  • Ginny, who is in the pics above is a pure bred Min Pin!

    You can probably see it more in these pictures –> http://www.flickr.com/photos/natatree/4855475391/in/set-72157611274070575/

    My other dog is a Dashund X Mini Foxie.

    It’s funny, I never used to be a cat person, my mum is allergic & I used to be. My Nan had a cat & when she moved in with us, he did too. It’s only as of late that i’ve been doing research into cats. I don’t know, I kind of like how knowledgable they seem.

  • I love it, seriously! I was a little unsure about it at first, but when the free shipping come on, I thought ‘stuff it’, I could at least wear it around the house. I have a feeling though, that it is going to be getting a lot of wear! It’s the perfect weight for inbetween Aussie weather!!

  • Hee! I <3 my dogs, it's amusing because as soon as Ginny see's a camera, she poses. Frodo, on the other hand, runs!

  • Ungh! I know right! They are gorgeous!

  • Aww! Thanks for the warning!

  • I love the print, it’s gorgeous! I don’t know how well i’d be able to walk in them. I think I’d be okay if it was going out to dinner or that, but I don’t think theyd be a shoe I could walk around in for hours!

  • You have blue hair! Look sgreat!! How has it been for you, does it stick? I had mine blue for a while, but after some time it would wash away in less than two weeks. So I’m back to my natural (boring) color…

  • I do!! It’s sticking pretty well! I’ve had problems before with blue as it wouldn’t stick! I decided to spend extra money and get a better dye and its going good! It’s been around 6 washes, and its not really faded too much, it’s turned more of a purple, but it still looks good!

  • I would actually recommend getting the shoes from Shoesone (shoesone.biz), a Korean website. They can be a bit difficult to communicate with, but I got the pink swallow ones and I looove them to death! Now that I think of it, if you’re only ordering one pair, it might not be worth the shipping costs… But it never hurts to check it out, right.

  • Chantel

    hi i ordered shoes from shoesone.biz and it has been 2 weeks and still nothing, i live in california, how long did it take to get yours? & your saying the website is real i hope? im worried i wont ever get my shoes! 🙁