Too many accessories, not enough room!

When my boyfriend and I moved into this house, he started complaining I was taking up way too much room in the bathroom with all my hair stuff, make up, jewellery. I decided I’d move the majority of it into my clothes room. Yes, I have a room that holds my clothes, shoes, bags & all that jazz. I’m so bad, it’s actually started spilling into the spare room!

Anyway, the clothes room is at the back of the house & the lighting is terrible, so slowly, it seems some of my favourite items, or make up that gets used the most has started migrating back into the bathroom! Adam hasn’t complained yet, as long as I keep it tidy!

My clothes room (pictured below) still is filled with things though! I think I need to take a break with buying things or go through a clean out. I’m a bit of a hoarder and never like to throw anything out!

Do you have a system on how you arrange your make up & accessories?

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  • Daaaaaamn girl, that's a lot of clothes and accessories! I'm pretty envious, I don't own much stuff at all. My organisation extends to a chest of drawers and a metre long rack in the wardrobe. And the floor, always the floor.

  • Carly

    I want a clothes room!

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  • I throw everything in a ziplock and hope when I need it I can get it untangled. Limited space for me and my junk in this apartment.

    I like your new profile picture! It's adorable.

  • Sarahwhite

    I want a room for my clothes! Mine spread out into the shed and it's not nearly as pretty as yours. Your accessories rule.

  • I plan to do a post about my clothes room, but it never seems to be clean enough! I always have a pile of clothes to put away! 😛

  • Thank you!

    I can't untangle things! I try, but end up making a bigger mess & then get frustrated. It usually ends up a job for my boyfriend. 😛

  • It's great fun! I think if we ever move I'm going to be hoping for a house with an extra room so I can continue having one!

  • I tend to keep so many things! I still have my dress I wore to my year 6 farewell, it's over 10 years old now!

    Oh, and I keep meaning to take photos, to show how it all looks, but it's never clean enough, there is always clothes to be put away. On the floor or in piles! 😛

  • I wanna move in your cloth room O.O

    btw your blog is super cute!


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