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Fashion In The Dressing Room Outfits

Autograph Week – In the dressing rooms!

July 26, 2011

Sleeveless blue mono print hammered texture tunic – $69.99 | I loved this tunic the moment I noticed it. I’m loving the blue that is in fashion this season.  It’s made of an awesome light weight flowy material.

Full Length Black Nail Head Detail Legging – $39.99 | I picked up these leggings to try on the tunics with, and omg, so comfortable! They are a light weight very stretchy material that just cling perfectly. I sometimes find legging annoying due to the fact they can get saggy. The detailing down the side is what sold me on them though!

Extended Sleeve Tie Waist Sequin Detail Tunic – $69.99 | When I met Elissa in store, she was wearing this tunic (See a pic HERE)! I was originally eyeing off the black version of this, but seeing Elissa in the blue sold me. Especially seeing I am trying to incorperate more colour into my wardrobe. One of the things I like about this tunic is that only the front has this detail, leaving the back the plain blue material. I was a little worried about sequin scratching (the only bad thing ever about sequins) but after wearing this tunic for a full day, I had no problems what so ever! The waist tie is super long so you can wear it many different ways!

Worn with Full Length Black Nail Head Detail Legging

Mid Length Flutter Sleeve Elastic Belt Dress – $89.99 | Yes, another item in blue! While, I don’t wear gold, I made an exception with this dress because it looked really classy. The belt clasps together with a gold buckle and it has an exposed zip down the back. The dress is probably catered to ladies with bigger boobs, but I liked the way it made it a little more fluttery on me.

Mid Length Ponte Lace Detail Dress – $99.99 | I really liked this dress, but I didn’t end up getting it. It’s a thick & comfortable material, but I didn’t think I would wear it often. If I worked in a fancy office, I’d dress this up with stockings and a jacket.

Grey Knit Hooded Cardi – I believe this is from the previous collection and no longer on the site, but after getting dressed and about to walk out of the store I spotted this beauty. Let’s just say that since being in Melbourne, it’s not left my body. It’s super warm & so amazingly comfortable.

Aymmetric Ruffle Tier Wave Print Tunic –  $79.99 | (Shown Below) This actually wasn’t one I picked up for myself, but asked to try on & loved. It’s amazing how different something looks on the hanger, to on a human form. While I think the brown originally put me off, wearing it, the blue overpowers. It’s so comfortable and I loved the seaweed like drapery.

So, what do you think?

  • Melody Fitzgerald

    I love all of these! Especially the Lace dress you didn’t buy, it looks so amazing! I can understand not buying it though, if you have no where to wear it, one would feel silly just sitting around in such a fancy dress (although I have been known to do that.)

    I keep seeing more and more about Autograph, I’d never heard of them before. I guess because they are an Aus. retailer. I must say I’m loving their stuff, especially the blue sequin tunic. That might have to become mine soon.

  • I was in mixed mind about the black lace dress! I did, but I didn’t like it. Maybe if I’d sized up? But I wasn’t sure how often i’d wear it. I guess, being a black dress I could dress it up or down, but I didn’t want to get it only for it to sit in my wardrobe. 

    They are an Australian retailer! They’ve only recently started getting a little more trendier, they’ve always been great for corporate wear, but they have some amazing everyday wear now to add to the mix!

  • Polly

    You look great Natalie.
    I especially love the blue mono print dress (first one) and the blue sequins on you.
    I love that black lace dress and, lucky me, do work in an office where I could wear it.

    There isnt an Autograph close to me, but I will have to take a little journey on the weekend to find this.
    Quick question – did you find the black lace dress roomy in the bust area? (I am quite well endowed and always have problems fitting my boobs).

    Love that you are showcasing Aussie stores !!!

  • Starsong

    I’m a massive fan of Autograph, but you have asked what I think, so I’m gonna tell you.. I think the Chick you picked to be the Model looks Major league uncomfortable in the pics. She looks like shes being forced to stand there and smile.. which is sad.. she should embrace who she is.. and these pics don’t show her doing that.. which makes it hard for someone like me to wanna go buy a dress that someone looks unhappy in..*shrugs*.. Thats about it really.. Have a Nice day and please don’t take my comment as a personal attack on the pink haired chick cause it isn’t.. More Power to her I say.. just maybe.. Breathe and Enjoy next time.. 

    Ciao for Now. 

  • Belle Davenport

    WOW your stunning and your smile is to die for congrats hun  you have it all looks clothes hair  wow 

  • ello

    From what I can see this is not an advertising site or a professional model but a personal blog, Natalie looks stunning and confident and happy in all of these pics!  Natalie’s comments are honest and informative.
     Keep up the good work Natalie!

  • Wilmasmith40

    Very nice seeing what clothes really look like on a bbw as opposed to a “supposedly” plus sized model.

  • Kathryn Westley

    I love the new range at Autograph, i havent been in store in a long time as they never had anything suited, until the weekend, i went past the window and went WOW, i brought the sequin tunic, the mid length flutter sleeve dress in the blue also, and another top.

    You look fantastic in all the items that you tried on, its nice seeing what ive purched on someone else, gives you a different look at it 🙂

  • Sachpher

    Love the black and blue dress very slimming and tailors your figure.

    Good to see advertising on the everyday women.

  • Thank you <3

  • Thank you! It’s a really lovely dress!

  • I think it’s great they are taking what people are saying into consideration and expanding the collection to include more funky pieces. 

    That is one of the things I love about blogs, is the chance to see outfits on other people, how they interprete it & also to see how it looks on different figures/ sizes.

  • Yes! That is one thing that often frustrates me with companies, that a plus size model is usually a size 14. I kind of wish they would bring in a system where they showed the items on, say a size 16 & a size 24 model. 

    It’s why I like following plus sized blogs because you will see an item on a website/ catalogue/ coat hanger and it not really speak to you, because it’s not sitting right on the person. You then see it on a plus size lady and think “Wow! That is fabulous” then rush off to buy it.

  • Hi Polly!

    The black dress was a little snug in the bust for me, but I think it was because I needed to size up. If it helps, i’m a c-cup, had on a padded bra & I believe that was a size 16 or 18 dress. I do find that as the sizing goes up, it does get a little roomier in the bust.

    Thank you! I thought it was a good idea to share some of the Australian stores not everyone knows about & keep people updated with the ones they do!

  • I was a little uncomfortable! I am in no means a model, and this was just me trying on clothes & taking pictures to show off what they looked like on! I find myself feeling a little awkward when having other people take my photos, but rest assured, I am very comfortable with who I am and embrace & love my body. I’ll keep it in mind for next time though, try and loosen up a little!

  • Thanks! Yep, personal blog! As I said, these are just quick pictures taken by both my Mum & a lady who worked for Autograph, when I was trying the clothes on in store! No make up, special lighting, just clothes and smiles! 

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