Callooh & Callay!!

I’ve been reading Lillian’s blog Funny Face’s Place for months now, and recently she announced the opening of her store Callooh & Callay. I of course, clicked on the link to have a sticky beak only to be greated with A LABYRINTH INSPIRED NECKLACE! Needless to say, that baby went into the shopping cart quick smart, and with the opening coupon code (no longer available) it was soon on it’s way to me.

I placed the order on the 20th and it arrived on the 5th, which means it took 8 working days from the UK to Australia. I also love the presentation. I love it when a company takes the extra time to merge all their branding together. Callooh & Callay have a very fun circus like style. It arrived in a padded bag, with a invoice (including a cute little handwritten note!), a yummy lollipop, and a red & white striped bag with a C&C sticker.

Inside, was a black box, tied with gold ribbon. Then inside that, was a business card and the necklace sleeping on a plush fluffy material.

I really love the business card. If i’m being honest, I can be a bit of a design snob, so, me saying I really LOVE something, well, that doesn’t happen every day when it comes to graphic design. The dancing dogs are just adorabubble!

And the product itself (It’s probably a little pathetic I was nearly as excited about all the packaging, oh well, I do try to find pleasure in the simple things!). This combines a few things I love. Owls, Jewelry & Labyrinth. I feel this baby is going to be getting a lot of wear!

I think I may need to invest in a brooch or two in the future too! Make sure you check out Callooh and Callay!

(Just a note, no, this was not a sponsored post, I bought everything and wasn’t asked to review, I just wanted to share the love!)

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  • Anonymous

    OMG everything on that site is AMAZING. I want a baloon poodle brooch! And so, so, so many other things! Thanks for sharing! <3

  • Dazzlar

    What babe?

  • Oh man that’s AWESOME. I love Labyrinth. What a great necklace. Their wrapping and the card are so pretty .

  • From the first pictures I wasn’t sure how good the necklace would look on, but its great. I love the inpiration and the cool packaging too. Very  nice touchs.

  • frozensky_86

    i love Lillians stuff, i got all excited about the jared necklace too, i LOVE the labyrinth! Im stuck between ordering this and the bat necklace even though i really need to save my pennies….  🙂

    jo  xx

  • Lillian Low

    Thank you so so much for your review Natalie! Im so glad you like your necklace and our packaging and to have found your blog 🙂