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City Chic & Damn You Alexis!

March 22, 2011

I’ve talked about my love of Damn You Alexis clothing before. The plus size clothing designer Megan makes some amazing statement pieces & now she’s teamed up with City Chic with 4 5 (Thanks for that info Teer!) amazing dresses!

My favourite would have to the above blue dress! The colour & fabric, devine! I’d pair it with a pleather jacket & booties!

I’m also a huge fan on the above left dress.

Photography by Danimezza & Lisa Law

  • Theplussideofme

    These clothes are beautiful! Didn’t realize they were a collaboration so thanks for letting me know! I love the blue dress, an I need that leather maxi in my closet.

  • That black maxi is sex. I am pretty sure I must have it… Pretty sure i’ll be visiting the store a lot more til it’s mine 🙂

  • Actually the peplum dress is pretty hot too… Broke again!

  • Meg Needles@ Sewing Pixie

    The blue is my favorite, too. That color is to die for.

  • It looks so great, can’t wait to see it in person!

  • Yes, I’m pretty sure I’ll be laybying the blue one! Apparently they come in next money! Might start saving my money now!

  • I love how the maxi is feminine, yet edgy! It’s the perfect mix!

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  • That blue dress is amazzzzzzzzing!! Absolutely fab! I also like the dress Laura is wearing too! 🙂

  • They are all amazing designs! I can’t wait to see what the 5th dress in the collection looks like!

  • Sarah

    My goodness. Does that maxi dress have a leather (look) top?!! Awesome.

  • frankandboyd

    I am guessing you mean ‘next Monday’? Only triple checking as I really want to get my hands on one of the black Maxi’s for my BF wedding, been searching for something dressy but edgy and this def fits the bill.

  • Anonymous

    Loving your blog layout. I was browsing and was like….where is…OH! I’ts NEW! Love!
    Also loving the City Chic runway show. Can’t wait for dresses and such to go instore. I actually want the finale dress. Even though its see-through! ha ha

  • Ooh, Next Monday? As in today? Hmmmm Do you go to the Rundle Mall store? I really want to check this dress out… Think I have a mission after work tomorrow!

  • Next MONTH. Ah, I don’t know where my head went! So, start of April I believe!

    I don’t get into Rundle Mall all that often, my local store is Tea Tree Plaza.

  • Hehe! I was thinking it was a bit too good to be true! Atleast we will have time to save 😀

    I only go to Rundle Mall cause I work in town, otherwise I think TTP would be my closest, yet hardest to get to..

  • That dress is by Kamikaze Design – I wrote a blog about it called Big Buzz on my site http://www.LouiseKarch.com – gorgeous design. She can make a dress for you!