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October 31, 2011

Marisota has the tag line of ‘Designed with you in mind‘ and I couldn’t put it better myself. While Marisota have a huge range of plus size clothing, catering up to a size 3, one of the thing that really impresses me about Marisota is the range of accessories, lingerie and boots!

Anna Scholz Glitter Tunic | Long Sleeve Floral Tunic | Changes Boutique Maxi | Bespoke Day 2 Night top | Shapely Figures Bra | Blue Wahoo Swimsuit | Stella Pug Wristlet

They cater up to a size 58 (UK bra sizing ladies, I believe 58=36au) and an L cup! For me, a size 20 (that is 42 in UK sizing) they have 311 different bra’s! I have so much trouble finding bra’s I like that fit because I’m a B cup, well, I think I may have to figure something out because they have 214 items in a 20b! REJOICE!

Custom Name Bracelet | Midi Pencil Skirt | D&G Peaked Cateye Sunglasses | Together Underwire Midi Bra | Moda in Pelle Jazzlebag | Rayban Oversize Sunglasses | Legroom Studd boots | Legroom Boots | Biker Leggings

 They also carry shoes and boots upto EEE width and calf width of 486mm. They also go up to a UK size 9 (which is AU size 11)

Only one thing, they only ship within the UK, however, I know that won’t stop many people! I know a few people who have friends who pick items up and send them overseas, and a few people even have mail forwarding set up.

I really loved this outfit in their lookbook!

Have you shopped at Marisota? What’s your fave item from the site?

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  • Mhairi Williamson

    They are owned by the same company as Simply be I think so not tried them, but I love that Lace dress and have not seen it on simply be, so I will definitely be taking a look, I love the bra, but it doesn’t go to my size! can never find a longline bra to fit me! xx

  • Sarah

    It all looks amazing. I’m trying not to stare at the blue boots for to long because they don’t ship to Australia. I would love the flat boots in blue anyway. Then I might look like a superhero!

  • Jessica Tekin

    They have the cutest range of lingerie I’ve ever seen.

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  • Thy do, don’t they! I fell in love with a few of the bras! 

  • The blue boots are great, I want a pair of coloured boots, so when I noticed them I may have let out a little gasp 😛

  • Are they? I didn’t know that! I like Simply Be, another store that doesn’t ship to Australia though, boo!

  • ugg boots sale uk

     I like Broken flower skirt

  • Lillian Low

    Wow, I’d seen adverts for Marisota before but thought it seemed like a really boring company. Some of the stuff you’ve posted looks absolutely gorgeous! I really love the red skirt and black bra in your second picture 🙂