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Outfit of the Day – Leopard and Lace!

February 6, 2011

When I walked in to City Chic a few weeks ago, I noticed this top in Red on a mannequin & instantly fell in love. I love CC puff sleeve tops, I have two of the stripe ones and they are so comfortable! They had it in black so I instantly put it on lay by! I went through a stage where I would only dress in Black, Red and splashes of white. Now, with pink hair, I tend to shy away from red. This season has some amazing red in stock though! I’m thinking a hair colour change may be in order!!

I decided to pair it with my ASOS leopard mini, which I got complemented on twice today! I’m still unsure with the way i’ve been styling it, I think it’s because i’m not used to such figure hugging clothes, I think I look a little too triangle. Adam said I looked fine though, and I felt good. What do you think? Do you think this outfit works?

I’ve recently fallen in love with soft soled shoes. When my parents where here, my Mum went into a store with shoes for wide feet or soft soles. Feels like i’m walking on clouds! My parents picked me up a pair, however, after wearing them, I’ve figured I need a size up. That pair i’ll be putting on ebay (or the online blog store I’ll be putting up soonish). However, I decided to get myself another pair. Myer still had a sale and these beauties where $80 down from $140. I feel a little strange in them, as a diabetic I usually shy away from such open shoes, but all the closed in pairs where old fuddy-duddy looking or too expensive. I’m kind of in love with them!

  • TOP – City Chic – Size M
  • SKIRT – ASOS – Size 22
  • SHOES – Soft Sole from Myer

As I mentioned , I’m sick. When I’m sick, I break out. Icky! I am however going to the doctor tomorrow and looking forward to it. You know your unwell when your actually looking forward to going to the doctors!

I bought this super cute outfit today. I can’t wait to wear it! The skirt is amazing and only $15 from K-mart! I think I’m going to go back and put a few different colours on lay by! The singlet was $5 from K-mart and the cardigan is from Crossroads! Sailor Chic!

I need new bra’s and underwear. Since i’ve lost a little weight, my bra’s aren’t fitting the best. If i’m being honest, i’m not good at bra shopping. I am such an awkward size at 20c. The bra on the left is a 18D and fits well, maybe a little snug. The bra on the right is perfect at 20C (and $10!) I usually buy 90% of my underwear at Best and Less. I love there underwear! Super cute, super comfy and the pair above, $7! I’m after some nice lingerie sets though, but can’t afford them. If only I could lay by from Hips & Curves, or that Simply Yours shipped to Australia!

Last but not least, Mr Frodo modelling the super cute clutch that I got for sale at $5 from Crossroads!

  • I think you should try tucking that shirt into the mini, and seeing if that helps the proportions. At the moment I think it’s slightly too top-heavy, but tucking in might help!

    I can see it looking fab with opaque black tights in winter 🙂

    Agreed with you on the Best & Less front, and the awkward bra sizing front too. I’m a 20c and tend to wear 18ds instead as they’re way more common.

  • I love it. Personally I’d never wear animal print, but you look marvelous 🙂 Kmart has been really good for some deals lately, especially basics. I’m looking for a black skirt I can wear at work, will have to check out Kmart.
    Look how big Henry is getting. Going to try and convince dad into letting me get a kitten when we move house. 🙂

  • I tried it tucked in and it didn’t look good, this was the better looking option. But I agree about it being top heavy. I’m still trying to work out the perfect way to wear it.

    I was to sing when I find a bra in 20c, it’s so rare! My Mum finds it so amusing, when I was younger she would have to drag me into Best & Less, I hated it. Now, it’s the first place I go when it comes to underwear! They have more size options and at an affordable price!

  • K-mart is great when it comes to cute cheap flat shoes and basic tees! When I lived at home, and i’d get depressed, my Mum would take to me K-mart to cheer me up! I just got off the phone to my Mum actually, and I mentioned the skirt, only to find out she owns 3! It made me laugh!

    Henry is growing! I look at him and I think back to when we got him and he could sit in my palm. He’s still tiny, but he’s a lot bigger then when he came into the family! Good luck with comvincing your Dad! I’m totally in love with owning a cat!

  • Meg

    The top looks great on you!

    I’m a bad bra buyer too as all of them seem not to fit well. Love the red one with polka dots! <3

  • I always have this problems with outfits being top heavy, it’s not the most ideal, but just pull the top up a bit so it’s more “gathered” if that’s the right word… Shorten it up a bit? I’m super tired so I’m probably not making much sense..

  • Cute outfit. I have the same skirt and I find it hangs funny on me.

    I really love the crossroads jacket! It’s sensational.

  • Meg at Sewing Pixie

    Oh girl you had a good time! I love the outfit you’re wearing, but I also love the Sailor Chic outfit!

    I hear you on the bra issues. I already need new ones and I just bought some a few months ago. So frustrating! and the only way I can get to Target to buy more is with my boyfriend who definitely doesn’t want to sit waiting for me to try them on. It’s a horrid experience.

  • cat

    i was going to say the same….hoick it up just a little……but it looks good anyway…

  • cat

    i think i have that blue skirt from k-mart in black! if it’s the same one, you’ll wear it over and over and over again….i love mine!

  • Katie_m1290

    😮 i so want that nautical crossroads cardi, thats so awsome

  • Polly

    That black/lace top is so cute. I actually think the more fitted top looks awesome on you.

  • Bec

    That outfit is tres chic! You have a lovely figure and you’re working it in that get up! I am so jealous of your haul yo! It looks like it was an awesome shopping day and I as you know, those are the best kinds of days!

    Also, I’m soooo going to Best and Less, never even thought to look in there!


  • Bets & Less underwear is great! They go up to something like 24E or something! (I don’t look much past the 20 tbh). Super cute designs & great prices. (Gee’s I feel like I should be being paid for advertsing in this post!)

  • Thank you! It is a fun outfit and I feel super cute in it! Not to mention I got a few compliments (and a whistle from a passing car!)

  • I love it! It was a little out of my price range ($50) but I couldn’t walk away from it. Normally I would have layby’d it, but as I don’t drive I couldn’t get back often enough to pay teh layby!

  • I talked to my Mum about it, and she has the skirt in 3 colours! I wore it today and it’s soooo comfortable!!

  • I wore the sailor chic outfit today and got complimented by a shop attendant about the cadigan!! My mother-in-law totally loved it on too!

  • I was a little disappointed when the skirt turned up. Not what I expected, rather flimsy. It hangs a little strange on me, I think that is why I have such a hard time dressing with it.

  • I couldn’t resist the polka dot bra! It was an 18D, so a little snug, but do-able. I think it will be perfect if I add a bra extender clip. Someone needs to make affordable, well made, cute bras in all sizes, including plus size-with small boobs!!

  • That sailor outfit looks to be amazing! I can’t wait for you to wear it and show us!

  • Yeah I found the same thing with mine – was expecting it to be a thicker fabric. It kinda reminds of the 90s slip dresses! I’ve worn mine over jeans and it’s good for that.

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