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Straight sized clothing for plus size woman!

January 11, 2011

I know a few plus size ladies who won’t even walk into straight sized clothing, I admit, I used to be a little guilty of this. The thing is, I never thought that there would be anything inside the store that would fit my right thigh, let alone all of me! I’ve changed though, and with the current ‘oversized’ trend that is happening, I’ve found bountiful treasures in straight sized clothing stores!

 For example THIS dress is a size 14! Now, as you can see, i’m closer to a size 24 then 14 but it fits! Most days I don’t even look at sizes. You know your body best! You know what suits you! Have a look at the clothes around you, feel the material, try things on! You never know what you may find!

It’s not so easy with online clothing, true, but with the over sized trend, you can find some great items that you can fit into. Most online stores these days will tell you what size the model is wearing. Below are a few items that go up to a size Large & are being modelled in a size small. Now, of course the items won’t have the same amount of drape, but you can still rock them!

  • To My Yang Tunic Tee by Evil Twin – Found at Market HQ- $63 au
  • Button Side Drop Back Dress by Staple – Found at Market HQ- $74au
  • Dream Time Cape by Staple – Found at Market HQ- $83 au
  • Anita Batwing Tee by Brandy & Melville – Found at NastyGal – $45 us
  • Collette Cape Blouse – Found at NastyGal – $38 us
  • Holy Fishnet Tee by Evil Twin – Found at NastyGal – $88 us

  • Rai

    I might not be quite plus size but I know exactly what you mean! I own items from one shop in both UK size 12 and size 18 (which is a huuuge difference) and they fit perfectly. Silly shop sizes! x

  • WOW Natalie your blog redesign is gorgeous! You may be interested to know that the Damselfly rings are all slightly larger in ring-size than the standard we usually receive. I know from Hayley that she has trouble sometimes finding “off the shelf” rings but these stunning crystal and agate rings are probably a much more comfortable size!! Do check them out when they come in stock 🙂

  • Thank you! Was wanting something different for the new year! Still need to add/change things in the sidebar, but i’m still setting up everything on my new computer!

    Thats great to know! I kind of have in between fingers! I can fit into most of the straight sized large jewellery but they can be tight. I will be sure to check them out when they go up!!

  • Yes! It is crazy how many different stores/ designs etc can change sizes! One store you can be a size 10, the next 14! I know I can range up to a size 26 in some things, but as the dress above, is a size 14! So crazy!

  • Thanks for sharing!! I really love the oversized trend, that’s how I usually wear my clothes anyway, I find it casually sexy lol. Loving the new layout too! 😀

  • That Yin-Yang tunic is amazing. I can imagine you wearing that with leggings and a gorgeous pair of ballet flats.

  • cat

    i never discriminate and treat all shops as equal! it’s the way you find truly wonderful buys. i’m not plus size, but i find the most amazing jewellery pieces in a shop called TS (i think that’s what it’s called). I’m not (that) old but i have found great pieces in stores where the youngest shopper seems to be 55 (i think it was called Roxanne?) i’m DEFINITELY not conservative, but will go to shops that are because of their basics and i often find great clothing at Big W, Target and K-mart.
    i have a pair of shoes that everyone covets. they were $14.05 from Big W….
    love your blog, b.t.w…..and i haven’t commented before…but i’ve been reading for ages….


  • This is so, so true Nat. I’ve been in many stores and I can easily fit into a size 16 and have room to move, then go to another (Big W is a nasty one) and only just get a size 26 to fit. I find it really offputing when all you want to know is what size you are, so that you don’t have to try on 20 different sizes to find the right one.
    But the more store with drape fashion, the better! I wouldn’t mind being able to go into a store with my slender friends and come out with more than just a necklace or a clutch!

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