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Aussie Curves – Bling

December 17, 2012

001Aussie Curves was a little hard for me this week, I don’t really have any ‘bling’. While I love all things shiny, I tend to head towards sequins and glitter. I decided to pull out this dress I got on sale at ASOS, I’d never worn it before and probably could have used and iron, but I really really love this dress.

003Two colours I love together are red and blue.  I could probably say this outfit is red, white and blue with the pasty white colour my body is. I’ve never been one to tan since I was around 8.

004These shoes don’t get worn often because they are uncomfortable. I can’t get seem to part with them though. I call them my Dorothy shoes. I bought them around 4 years ago, after falling in love with a stiletto version. They are beautiful but unforgiving, very hard around the toe and I always end up with crazy blisters when I wear them.

002Ths is my bling! I had things from scattered everywhere from my jewellery box in search of something bling worthy, that was until I hit the jackpot with these beauties. They are huge and OTT and it was love at first sight, alas I was never going to pay $30 for earrings I’d hardly ever wear. However, when they went on sale for $10, I snapped them up quickly.

006And of course, the bling I wear nearly daily are my glasses. I have a few sets of glasses I wear, and these are one of my favourites.

007Dress – ASOS CURVE | Shoes – Verali | Bracelet – Cotton On | Earrings – Diva | Glasses – Versace
Lipstick – Candy Apple by Lime Crime

  • Sassy!

  • Love this on you babe!
    <3 Cait

  • gorgeous dress, and those shoes…. it’s a shame they are mean to your feet because they look really pretty 🙂

  • I used to love the bling. I actually used to get castoffs from my drag queen mates! Now I never wear it that much. Love the shoes.

  • oohhhh that hair!!! I wish I bought that dress now too! xxx

  • Alison

    Love the top and shoes. So much glitter. Very sexy!

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    wow you look extra gorgeous this week! gorgeous shoes, hair, lip, dress and earrings! love it all.

  • Love that you matched your hair and dress! Also, you’re right red with that blue is perfect.

    You look gorgeous, great dress and bling. Your shoes are really cute too and I understand why you can’t get rid of them, I’m like that with pretty, but painful shoes.

  • Love this dress! you look great.

    I know what you mean about some heels you just can’t ditch them even if they’re painful. It’s madness, of course, but I do exactly the same thing. I have this one pair that are basically torture but so worth it. 😛

  • Ezmae Reid

    I want your glasses! I used to have blingy glasses, then they broke 🙁 Shit girl you look amazing! I love your hair here and those shoes umm…speechless love!

  • vvwolfe

    wow I love your hair this color it looks so awesome 🙂
    I think we all have uncomfortable items we hang onto just because they are too pretty to let go 🙂

  • Nessbow

    Those shoes are fantastic! I have a very similar pair in silver, which I love but (like you) I rarely wear them because they are crazy uncomfortable.

  • Now those are some serious earrings! Seriously everything about this look is wow! Love the sequins.

  • Ashley Rose

    You look gorgeous, i was eyeing this dress of for awhile but never got it as managed to convince myself i had no where to wear it ( for once in my life!), regretting it now!! Red lips suit you too! x

  • I don’t really have anywhere to wear it, but when it came on style, I couldn’t resist, who knows, I may need a pretty fancy dress one day. Plus I love to overdress 😛

  • I’ve worn these earrings like twice, they are so very big and ott, but I LOVE them!

  • Damn pretty shoes that are uncomfortable! All shoes should just be like walking on clouds!

  • It’s a wig!! 🙂

  • I love these glasses, I have a few different pairs. My sister has them in black and when I tried them on, I fell in love, so I got the same pair, but in blue!

  • Thank you! Oh yes, I have a few heels like that too! I have a weakness for shoes, even if they are uncomfortable.

  • Thank you! My hair was not co-operating, so I just decided to rock one of my wigs 😛

  • vvwolfe

    Aww jealous! I can’t seem to pull off a wig I always feel like i look silly no matter how much I like it
    Anyhow doesn’t matter you still look fabulous now I don’t have to ask follow up for how you change hair colour back and forth so quick 😀

  • Thank you!

  • I do love glitter!

  • It’s a great dress!

  • Oh, drag queen cast offs would be pretty epic! I don’t wear ‘blingy’ stuff very often.

  • I know, I would wear them ALL the time if they were more comfortable. I got them when all I would ever wear was black and red, these days I don’t often buy red as it clashes with my pink hair.

  • Thanks sweety! xox

  • xoxo

  • neysha ann

    wow! i love everything about this. especially the top & the new hair. gorgeous as always darl xx