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Aussie Curves – Pastel

November 12, 2012

Pastels! When I challenged myself to start wearing colour, I often went for bright colours, but as I’ve grown more comfortable in colour, it’s expanded to pastel and I now even own a couple of white items. Sadly I didn’t have the time to do any outfit pictures with the move, but I thought I would take a few pictures of a few of my favourite pastel items!

1 – Cardigan from Valleygirl | 2 – Purple skinny jeans from ASOS Curve | 3 – Ulta3 nailpolish in lily white | 4 – Pale pink ankle frill socks from local $2 store | 5 – Flower & diamante earrings from ASOS | 6 – Pastel jewel necklace from Diva | 7 – Jordana nail polish in Lavender Fields | 8 – Pale peach singlet from Target | 9 – Pastel tipped skull and spike necklace from ASOS | 10 – Vintage pearl necklace | 11 – Hello Kitty nail polish in Lola Lilas| 12 – Penny Jegging in Bluebell from Crossroads | 13 – Braid and spiked braclet from ASOS | 14 – Kaylee Sereni-tee by Jason Palmer | 15 -Coral Colours in Jayd| 16 – Bird print peplum top from Dorothy Perkins | 17 – China Glaze nail polish in re-fresh mint.

  • Oooh, so many pretty things! That Kaylee shirt is especially amazing.

  • Bek

    Oooh so many pretties here, I want them all please! 🙂

  • Firefly = love 🙂 And that hummingbird print is just lovely. I enjoyed this glimpse into your wardrobe!

  • Loving your pastel collection. What a pretty spread!

  • Gorgeous Nat, great idea!

  • Love!! So many lovely things Nat! xx

  • flashionfashion blog

    I so need that Firefly tshirt! How awesome this collection of pastels is!

  • that knit (1) is just beautiful! and the necklace (6) i am so jealous of it was on sale last week in Diva and i was going to get it till i saw that it was missing 3 stones and it was their last one. 🙁 i was devo. but on the firefly topic i love that show! kaylee is awesome sauce. i made my boyfriend a kaylee pin-up shirt for his birthday 🙂 great pastel collection. xx