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Christmas Dreer

December 11, 2012

It’s Christmas time, it’s only a couple weeks left to Christmas, but I’m not feeling it. It doesn’t feel Christmas-y to me. I’m not sure what it is. If i’m tired from the move, or maybe because I haven’t put any decorations up yet. I have them, I just don’t have anywhere to put them.

Last year was my first Christmas back home, surrounded by family (here), the year before was my first time hosting Christmas at my (old) place (here). This year, we will probably be having Christmas here, as always, and I am looking forward to seeing my family. It’s really the one time a year I get to see my Uncle. I love seeing my younger nieces and nephews get their presents, I think in many ways, Christmas is best with children.

I love Santa photos, it used to be a tradition that my Nan and I would go and get them together. Nan was the only one without fail, who would say Yes to having one with me, walk up, sit on Santa’s knee and proceed to sweet talk him. When I moved to Adelaide, Adam gave in to my pestering the first year, but no more. Nan passed away. I’m still trying to find someone to have a photo with, I don’t want one by myself. I’m hoping to convince my youngest niece and nephew.

Christmas is usually one of my favourite holidays, so I’m kind of bummed that I’m feeling bummed. I guess I’ll try and find a spot to put up one of my three trees, start playing some Christmas songs (My favourite is Carol of the Bells) and try to feel festive.

Do you have any tips on how to get into the Christmas spirit?

  • I wish I had some, my dear friend! I have a few things here in the apt (not even in storage) that I put out last year and I’m not even motivated to do THAT. I’m just like -meh. I have at least sent a couple of cards what I consider “early” – i.e. I sent them BEFORE someone sent me one 😉 and remembered some people w/ gifts who have been very kind to me. I actually have to be careful with blog posts that I read, because – while I love Christmas pictures, Christmas decorations, seeing what other people have done – it also upsets me, sometimes … I know I’m always safe with you 🙂 and I’m grateful I did read this post! because – besides the usual great! pictures – I realized what’s making me be the ‘Christmas///shrug’ person this year: its lack of tradition, especially in light of anyone I’m connected deeply and meaningfully to – like your Christmas tradition photo w/ Santa that u & ur Nan always did (((NATALIE))) Anyway, if I find any Christmas spirit, I’ll forward it on to you 🙂

  • Nessbow

    I’m so glad you got my card! (Doesn’t the kitty on it look so much like Ringo?)
    There are loads of things that I like to do to get into the Christmas spirit. I wasn’t feeling it until we put up our tree on the weekend. So perhaps doing a little decorating would do the trick. Also, watching a cute Christmassy film never fails to put me in the spirit. I highly recommend A Muppet Christmas Carol.

  • I wish I had some Christmas cheer to share with you, but my family hates the holidays. We’re a bunch of absolute Scrooges. Last few years there’s been no tree, no decorations, but there were presents and far too many people out in Manchester! This year I got an advent calendar (ciate nail polish!) which made me feel a little Christmassy as I don’t think I’ve had one since I was a tiny child. I think when you put decorations up it’ll feel like that time of the year. 🙂


  • I wasn’t feeling Christmassy so I bought 3 more Christmas trees and decorated them all. I have a 4 ft silver tinsel tree (which is as sparkly as a disco ball), a 3 ft pink tree, a 3 ft black tree, a 2 ft pink tinsel tree and a 1ft white tree. I have a small multicoloured forest and that’s cheered me up no end. I’ve also been listening to my Christmas playlist on Spotify. Love Actually always puts me in a festive mood, too.

  • I’m having a bit of trouble getting into the spirit myself, but that’s mainly because it’s been so warm here in Texas. (I’m used to a much colder winter/Christmas time.) I’m just trying to do as many normal holiday time activities as I can muster the want to do—decorating a tree, buying gifts, etc. Christmas music has helped me a bit, too. 🙂

  • I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas already! I have my 30th party this Saturday so that’s all I’ve been consumed with lately, as it’s going to be fairly over-the-top (in usual Cara style). I really need to get cracking on buying presents and putting up the Christmas tree! :O