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In the dressing room – Crossroads

August 10, 2012

As you can tell, In the dressing room posts have been coming once a week lately. I’ve put myself on a buying ban in the lead up to moving, but I still want to show YOU some of the awesome stuff that is in store. Thank you to everyone who has commented letting me know about the items you’ve scored.

In Adelaide, the girls of my local Crossroads store knew me by name, and would try and keep things aside in my size that they knew I’d like. I miss those ladies! I was drawn into Crossroads the other day by the racks of coloured jeggings, but was most excited about the below.

A gorgeous cut out skater dress! (HERE – $49.95). I picked it up in a XL and dashed off to try it on! The XL fit me perfectly, the pleats were in a great position and the cut outs in the neckline were such a cute detail. I kind of wanted to cry hanging it back up on the rack, $49.95 is a steal, but I didn’t NEED another black dress. Go check it out though, it is amazing!

I do however, need a few more warmer things, especially seeing as that where i’m moving too is colder then my current house. On the left is the ‘Open Panel Top’. I am so so so in love with the mint colour that is currently in. Such a pretty colour. I also tried on a few of their jeggings. The picture to the right is the ‘Penny coloured jegging’ in ‘Bluebell‘ size 22. I ended up having to go down to a size 18 to get the best fit. I came home and ordered the Pop Pink in my size, I’ll try and get some good OOTD pictures in them to show you the fit better.

Unlike the previous ITD posts, these are JEGGINGS, not actual jeans, but I found them so much more comfortable. They are somewhat higher waisted and just elasticated. No zips or buttons. Sure, when I wear them, I’ll have to wear more of tunic shirt, they create more of a ‘camel toe’ then normal jeans, but IMO, they fall more in the ‘pants’ column then the ‘legging’ column. They are a thick, sturdy, elasticated material. I had to jump a little to get the 18 on, but once they were on, they felt GREAT. I was told they’ll stretch out a little, due to the elastic, but I felt comfortable and that everything was held in place.

But really, how awesome is that cut out skater dress!?

  • niccy_v

    I love my jeggings, I first heard about them on a buy/sell page now have 4 pairs and live in them! Sooo comfy.
    I found the waist really tight but the legs perfect fit borderline big, i have 16s, hopefully once i slim my tummy they fit better – they have a LOT of stretch though 🙂

  • Sarah White

    I want some jeggings. My ones from two years ago have fallen apart and faded. I love the blue because I’m not that adventurous. Hope they don’t sell out soon.
    Was that at the Ingle Farm store? I have the same great service there:)

  • the crossroads jeggings are really good!

  • The dress is really cute! There is no such thing as too many black dresses. 😉

    I like the jeggings too! They look comfy, and I love all the bright colors they come in, especially the pink and the lavender.

  • Nessbow

    That dress is amazeballs! It looked so beautiful on you. I love that you’re going for the coloured jeggings. You’re a woman after my own heart for sure.

  • Foxy! Link this post up chicky! You look gorgeous!

  • WOW I love love love that dress on you and that price is amazing. You really need to get it girl! I’m going to try and locate a Crossroads store near me cos I need to try that baby on xxx

  • You look stunning in that dress. I really mean that. Can’t wait to see the pink pants in an outfit post soon 🙂

  • Tabitha Lauret

    Oh my goodness! That dress is AH-MAZING! I feel your pain on the imposed shopping ban. Ugh! It’s so hard! Lol!

  • Anna Lucas

    I’m with you on the black tho…I would be all about that dress were it in another color. I need to expand, color speaking, which is why the colorful jeggings are so shiny. I have yet to venture into that territory.

  • aww i wanna shop at cross roads but they dont ship outside Australia

  • edisonmyndiecoco

    I was just going to say what Veronica Wolfe did! I love both pieces!!! If we had a crossroads, I would get the black skater dress w/ the cutouts as a good basic 🙂

  • Guh! It sucks they don’t ship Internationally! I didn’t know they didn’t. It is a great dress, I’m kind of thinking I may have to buy it.

  • Really!? Well, that sucks! I’m sorry. 🙁

  • I don’t mind that it’s black, but I seem to have so many black dresses already. I just wan’t some other colours to add. I only ever wore black, but I’ve embraced colour over the last year and I LOVE it!

  • It is SO hard, i’m trying to be good, but there are so many pretty things!

  • Once they turn up, I’ll be sure to wear them! I don’t own many pants, and it’s been getting a bit cold lately.

  • It’s a gorgeous dress! I think I need to go back and buy it, or layby it or something!

  • No, it was the Arndale store. That was when I was living with Adams parents are Croydon Park. I didn’t get to go to Ingle Farm too much, as neither of us drove and it was awkward having to catch 2 buses. I’m not the best at public transport!

  • I’ve put myself on a 3-month long shopping ban and it’s only been 12 days 🙁 I can’t wait to get rid of my stuff so that I can make space for new ones. I really love the black skater dress!!! The cutout detail is so pretty!! Good choice!

  • I find Crossroads so hit and miss. Stuff that looks awesome on their website is often not so great in RL and other stuff that’d you’d overlook is great on. I don’t get there often but, when I do, I try on everything just in case.

  • The black dress looks stunning on you, c8utout detail is divine