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September 15, 2012

I talk about Frodo and Tonka non stop, but I don’t mention Emily often. After taking these photos of her today, I figured i’d show them off. I’ve been busy packing as part 1 of the move happens Monday. It’s crazy, stressful and I’ve come to he conclusion, I hate moving.

Emily is my parents dog, she’s a rescue Cavalier King Charles and I forget how old she is, 6? She had a pretty rough life before my parents adopted her, but she’s living it up like a Princess now. You can see the stuck up snobbery in these pictures, yes, she does believe she’s better then everyone else.

Do you have any animals? Tell me  about them!! Please 😛

  • Aww, what a cutie! Good luck with the move. 🙂

  • What a total babe! King Charles Caveliers are my dream dog, I love them! But my boyfriend protests about eventually getting one as they’re so little and not ‘manly’ enough, although who cares when their faces are so adorable :3

  • So adorable, I really love KC spaniels. Ever since Charlotte from SATC had one, just total love.
    I only have a cat now, Gwen. She talks ALOT, like never shuts up. But she’s cute as hell. We lost our dog earlier this year, but I would really love another dog eventually. A KC spaniel, pug or another cocker spaniel.

  • They are adorable dogs. Oh my, Tonka never shuts up ever! I never knew cats could talk so much! For nearly a fortnight after I got him, I’d have a headache by the time 4pm came around. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your dog, I’m so scared that Frodo is coming to his end time, he’s not been the best. I saw a Pugalier the other day, a pug X cavalier, it was the CUTEST THING EVER!

  • Ahah, Cavies are sooo cute, my parents had a cav X maltese before Em and he was adorable too. They have pretty good temperaments, but can be prone to illness, though most breeds have ‘something’ they are more susceptible to getting. Though no, they aren’t what I’d consider a ‘manly’ dog 😛

  • <3 Thank you!

  • Emily looks so soft and cute!!!

    I have two dogs. An Amstaff named Token and a Lab x Staffy named Sakura.

    The love of my life though is my Eastern long neck turtle, Snappy! He is my bestest buddy ever!!!
    He is always grumpy like me and loves to lay next to my work boots when I get home from work and let him out for a walk 🙂

  • I HATE MOVING! U have my empathy! … Love Miss Emily! Sitting next to me is my 15 year Rottie-Beagle mix, CoCo, who literally has a geriatric dog exception written into my lease because she’s 60 lbs and there is a weight limit on dogs here – and both of us still miss Myndie Ruth, who was the most extraordinary Border Collie (very smart!) mixed w/ Lab & Cocker … I always love when you write about your critters!

  • Naaaaaawwww…. *melty* Emily is lovely. Cavies have always been one of my favourite dogs. I have an Australian Bulldog named Bronagh. I got her because I was told by everyone that they were sedate, rather smart (if stubborn) and fairly independent dogs that didn’t need too much exercise. Right. What I got was a neurotic co-dependent racing greyhound in disguise. But I loves her.

  • Ah, what a cutie! I’m not allowed to have animals where I live, or else I’d be a crazy ol’ cat lady. However, I do have a very troublesome husband. Although he hasn’t get resorted to pooing in the garden (yet) he still gives me quite a lot of work to do! 🙂 Moving sucks, and I’ve done so much of it. I’m too old for that malarkey any more, so when my tenancy here ends I might just handcuff myself to a radiator 😉 Good luck with it all!

  • she is beautiful <3