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Holiday Pics – Greenwell Point

January 16, 2012

I spent 10 days at my parents caravan at Greenwell point, it’s about a 3 hours drive from where I currently live, but it’s so worth it. The area has a mix of so many beautiful things, the water, paddocks filled with animals, walking tracks & beautiful gardens. Sure, any ‘good’ shopping is half an hour away, and if you want McDonalds you better own a car. But you really don’t need Maccas when you have Pelican Rocks Resturant, they make THE most amazing Chicken Caesar Salad.

I almost called this post ‘How many pictures of pelicans can you put in one post?’. It’s true, I love taking photos of animals, and at Greenwell Point & the surrounding areas, pelicans can be found in abundance! They actually really fascinate me.

I took these pictures on one of the first nights whilst taking Mr Frodo for a walk. I have since learnt that Frodo is scared of pelicans. I guess, they are nearly 4 times the size of him & could probably eat him.

Whales! It isn’t currently whale season, but I’m thinking I may come back during that time & do a boat cruise. A lovely couple who was out walking also told me that a Seal usually can be found tormenting the birds on the rocks below, however he was nowhere to be seen on that day. 🙁

Frodo wasn’t happy that I left him in the car with my parents whilst I went off to take pictures.

All the photos above (From the Frodo in the car picture down) where all taken from the car! The above is a quick snap of one of the many fields filled with cows. Actually, this is only a few cows compared to some areas.

This door mat appealed to my sense of humour. If I was married, I don’t think I could have resisted buying it!

These gardens at the Jindyandy Mill are just gorgeous! I could seriously just spend a month on a picnic blanket reading & exploring in the garden.

  • Those gardens are beautiful.

    I’m with Frodo. Pelicans scare me. I grew up on the river and have been chased or surrounded by them many a time. Run!!

  • lol when I went to Albany with my folks years ago we stayed at a caravan park, some of them more permanent for people who lived there long-term. They had mats like those, HILARIOUS!! 😛

    Glad you had a lovely lil break, I love the scenery coastlines offer, so very jealous now i live too far from a coastline ;(

    I personally love pelicans! They’re so pretty when they float on the Swan River and just stare at you with evil little beady eyes.. or maybe thats just me…

    YAY for holidays!


  • Hey sweets – I really like this post 🙂 Great photos and your pup is the cutest!!

    Much love from a fellow Aussie blogger 🙂
    Morgan xx