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If you really knew me…

November 23, 2012

There has been a lot of these posts floating around the blogosphere, and seeing as I’m kind of in a blogging slump, with my head being caught up in unpacking and such, I thought I’d join in.

You’d know that I feel most alive when I’m surrounded by nature and animals. That being said, I like to have the modern conveniences of toilets, running water and internet. I’d love to just live in a beautiful house in the middle of a forest.

You’d know that I don’t feel like ‘me’ without coloured hair. When I’ve tried going back to a more ‘natural’ colour, I get depressed. I tend to always go back to pink and aqua, but I’ve tried pretty much every colour. I do not suit being a blonde, no matter how much I wish I did. I currently have 10 piercings (3 right lobe, 1 right lobe, septum, 4 in my lip, left nipple) and 3 retired (Labret, smiley and right nipple).

You’d know that I’m quite painfully shy in real life, I have a hard time making friends because of this. I tend to sit back and watch in social situations instead of participate. I go out of my way to try and please people and I tend to put other peoples happiness before my own.

You’d know that I like animals more then most humans. I abhor breed stigma. My favourite animals are pythons, owls, llamas and hippos. My dog Frodo is the love of my life.

You’d know that I’m a bit geeky, but I don’t feel like I’m smart enough, or that I have enough knowledge of certain fandoms to be considered a geek. I don’t read comics, but am a huge fan of certain books, tv series and movies. Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite TV shows ever. Labyrinth is my favourite movie, followed by Lord of the Rings. I can never decide on a favourite book. I tend to read between 50-80 books a year.

You’d know I used to run Australia’s biggest Twilight fan site. I started it before the movie was released and it grew to be massive. I appeared in magazines & newspapers, as well as a few tv shows. It opened my world to some great things, working at conventions, amazing friends, and being able to say I spent a weekend with Taylor Lautner. 😛

You’d also know that Peter Pan means more to me then I can properly express into words, for many reasons. Nana is my favourite character.

You’d know I’m a huge believer in LGBT rights, it is one thing I have a terrible time at biting my tongue about and I will often get into ‘heated debates’ with my Father about it. While my major relationships have been with men, I identify as pan-sexual. I believe you fall in love with a person, not their gender and I believe that everybody has the right to love, marriage and children.

You’d know that I think too much, my head has a hard time shutting down. I ‘suffer’ from mental illness, Borderline Personality Disorder being the prominent issue. I’m a recovered/ing self-injurer and bulimic. I also have spinal stenosis.

You’d also know that I have a crazy obsession with shoes, my favourite colour is pink, I don’t like the word ‘moist’ and I’m allergic to all kinds of nuts.

  • Not surprising (since I’ve known you since something like ’02) but I pretty much knew all of this about you 🙂

  • I didn’t know a heap of these things… but you know what else (and don’t hate me for saying it), but I LOVE you with dark hair. I’ve recently joined Instagram and was wondering who it was in my feed – this beautiful woman with dark hair… realising later it was you. I know the colours are kinda your signature (and you still look lovely), but the one (with dark hair) you posted on facebook tonight is gorgeous!

    (Just sayin…)

  • I love this kind of post because it shows all those little things about a person that you might not find out normally, especially if you have a thematic blog. I knew a few of these, but lots were revelations to me. I love your colourful hair, it looks so good green and blue! 🙂

    Pansexual solidarity! We’re like wonderful, rare, birds. Haha, joking, but its cool to hear people are pro-lgbt rights as its also a huge passion of mine.

    I’ve been in huge blogging slump, so I may have to steal this idea. ;P

  • Fantastic post. I love learning more about you. I had no idea you ran the twilight site. Why don’t you anymore? I feel the same as you about having colored hair too. 🙂

  • beep

    I had no idea about the Twilight thing!

    And OMG, I’ve been looking for someone to ask this but since I don’t know anyone with hair like mine and you seem to be the expert: decolorizing from blue/turquoise hair! Can it be done? What does it take? What will it look like? Within the last year I’ve gone from (permanent) purple to platinum blonde to turquoise and now I’m wondering what comes next… I’ve been dreaming about pink but don’t know whether it’s possible to get there from turquoise pigment. What say you?

  • lou

    And you eat crunchy nut cereal and hours later wonder why you’re having an allergic reaction. That’s why I love you.

  • The photo of you and your nephew is super cute 🙂

  • Aww, thank you!

  • ahah, yes, and it was more a few minutes later, I’m so silly! And I love you too! 😛

  • We all have our secrets, not that the twilight thing is really a secret, it’s just not something I really talk about.

    Hmm, well, with my turquoise I usually just wash the colour out as much as possible, it can be icky though as it tends to turn a greenish colour. If I wanted a fresh base I always just did a quick bleach to strip most of the colour. Depending on what shade of pink you can always put it over a lightened turquoise, but it’d leave you with a purpley colour.

  • It got waaaay too big, was costing too much money and I just didn’t have the passion for it. It ended up being like a full time job that I didn’t get paid for. I kept getting hacked, and it was just too stressful, so I shut it down.

  • I love these kinds of posts too, you should def do one!

  • Aaha, oh, I would never hate anyone over something like that 😛 I used to have black hair for so many years (I’m a natural brunette) and at times I do miss it, but it just makes me so sad. Plus it’s SO hard to get out. That’s why I have a few wigs, so I can always go black, but still go back 😛

  • Oh man, 10 years! Time goes fast! 😛

  • Patrick weseman

    Some one who reads is a good person.

  • Basically you’re an awesome person! 🙂 That picture of you and Frodo is beyond adorable.

  • Nancy Sinclair

    Just found your blog and this is a great way of getting to know you. I have just started my own blog, very early days but have been an admirer of fatshion blogs for years.

    I would love for you to check my blog out