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Inside my room – The Rest!

March 23, 2012

I figured I should finish off my room tour! I’ve been back around 8 months and I think this is as clean as it will ever be. Can you believe I still have about 10 full boxes still! Yeah, going from having your own home to one (very large) room is not easy! I’ve made do, and I’m just happy to have a roof over my head. I’m lucky to have great parents who let me move back home at 25!

So, my room is the ‘rumpus room’ of the house. It’s large, brick walled and has a VERY high ceiling. It has a set of stairs to get down to it, yes, the ones I fell down. It’s the lowest level of the house (which is technically three levels). It used to be used as a games room, we had a ping pong table and then a pool table. Then it was my Nans room for around 10 years. Then a spare area, and now my room!

As you walk in I have a small shoe rack (which you can’t see here) and a table which has some of my accessories on. Easy to just pick up some things as I’m leaving the room. You can see my fridge in the background.

View from the top of the stairs. Where my washing basket is (top right) leads to my Closet and Bed. A few items in the picture (The TV cabinet thing, the glass front display cabinet with my DVDs in it and the foot stoolish things) were from both of my Grandmothers. I am rather sentimental about things.

Looking down the stairs to the other direction. The door out to the backyard, the bar (which gets used for some of my jewellery and stuff), as well as my fridge and where I keep some of my food. I may take some more pictures at a later date of my jewellery/ make up area.

Wall! I collect too many things, it’s true. I actually have nearly the whole set of the Lord of the Rings figurines from all 3 movies, in their boxes, but I don’t have the space to display them like I used to. You can see my Living Dead Dolls and some of my owl things, along with 2 pairs of my Jeffrey Campbell shoes <3 The Labyrinth art on my wall is by Stewart McKenny & the birds is one of 821387 pieces I have by Kurt Halsey.

Pictures, and Mr Frodo saying “Oh god Mum, not that camera AGAIN!”

Frodo loves to sleep on the lounge and 95% of the time he cheats and takes a shortcut through the stairs straight onto the lounge, here he is caught in the act.

The glass shelves on the left hold my DVDs, Photo Albums, a couple of my Harry Potter statues and my John Winchester statue. The dispay unit my TV is on has two glass sides which hold my owl knick knacks. Under the TV is my stack of records.

My lounge, which is a mess! I unpacked one of my boxes and found some of my winter clothes! Some of them will be washed and added to my ebay hopefully soon.

My nail polish collection, which i’m starting to run out of room for and my perfumes. On the right is my make up and hair stuff, which needs to be organised some more.

So yes, that’s my crowded room! My dream is to one day own my own house so I can slowly do it up the way I want to (White, bright, light, pretty colours!) and have a home for all my pretty things. The place I want in Adelaide is still for sale HERE! *runs off to win the lottery*

  • Your room looks lovely filled with all your treasures 🙂

    I have a serious tidiness problem! You’d probably be shocked if I showed you mine. It looks like a bomb full of clothes went off.

  • Oh believe me, this is it looking super tidy! It can get really crazy messy at times, my Mum actually helped me clean a couple of weeks back cause it was a mess after fracturing my foot!

  • Okay, so I love rooms like this! As much I wish I were a minimalist, this is the exact same kind of space that I cling to. I love personal items, pictures, and unique knick knacks. This just makes me so happy!

  • OH MY GOSHHHH babe you have the JC litas in is that either sequin or glitter? either way gorgeous and love all your trinkets! soooooo what size shoe are you hey hey hey 😉 hehe joking! .. not really if your an 11 those shoes are gone!

  • Ahah, I have three pairs of JCs. I got the black glitter litas for my birthday last year off my parents! And nope, they won’t fit, otherwise I would share! I have a size 8 foot.

  • While I do love minimal, and I do like eclectic clutter, I think I want a mix of the two. I just want space for all my stuff. I think it’s going from a house to one room. I still have about ten full boxes and I miss being able to get to certain things I want. One day hopefully, I can have my own house and get things how I want it.

  • Love your room 🙂 Great mix of geek and girly <3

  • Ahhh what a great room.It’s like a mini apartment! This is what I need.