OOTD – 5 minute fashion.

I’m a fan of dresses that you just throw on and ta-da, you are ready. Sure, it sometimes feels like cheating, not having to ‘put together’ an outfit, but some days, you just need to have an item of clothing you can put on in a rush and know that you look presentable. This is my current go to dress & can you believe I picked it up on sale for $10!

I usually wear it with a belt, but yesterday I paired it with a think pink ribbon. Now I look at the pictures, I think I like wearing it with a belt better, but hey, we live and learn! While out, a boy of around 5 or 6 was staring at my new boot, I was so tempted to tell him that yes, I am part transformer!

  • DRESS – Katies
  • RIBBON – I don’t remember where I got this from, i’ve had it for years.
  • SHOE – Andre – Padded supersoft sandal

As soon as i’m home I change into my slippers though, I kind of found it amusing looking at the difference between my two feet. I think I need to name them both and come up with a story about how they became best friends!

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  • http://semicosmic.com/ Nichole

    I love the print on this dress, how cute!

  • http://twitter.com/rahest Rah


    nice work colour coordinating the dress with the boot too, hehe!

  • http://darkvice.net/ Magnet

    Hahaha transformers, hell yeah, you should totally say that next time. I agree about needing go to dresses, man, they really do make me feel lazy and uncreative though, but, we need them. 

  • http://inspiremebitch.blogspot.com/ Inspire me bitch

    Your smile brings me joy !!!

  • http://www.thisisashleyrose.blogspot.com/ Ashley Rose

    Naww you poor thing , hope your leg feels better! Love the print on that dress! x

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thanks sweety! My legs not really giving me too much pain, it’s more awkward then anything!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I am happy to announce, I did tell a boy that today while out at k-mart, he kind of gave me this look of awe! Oh yeah, I certainly feel very lazy, like i’m cheating somehow, but they come in handy on days you are running late or can’t seem to get anything to ‘work’.

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Ahah, thank you! 😀

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Ahahah! I didn’t even really think about colour co-ordinating the dress with the boot, but it works 😛

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Isn’t it great! I love any sort of print with animals on it, and this is rather subtle, but still striking.