OOTD: Bird print peplum

Peplum is a trend that I’ve been loving, yet hadn’t taken the plunge until recently. In theory, I thought it would suit the way I like to dress. I like to accentuate & cinch in my waist and then have a skirt flare out. It gives the illusion I have more curves then I do, i’m rather straight up and down. I finally caved and bought a top I’d been lusting after at Dorothy Perkins for ages. Yay for sales! Oh, and yes, it is ANOTHER animal print.

Well, I am in LOVE. It’s amazing! Dotty P goes up to a size 22, and i’m wearing the 22. This skirt has NO stretch but fits me perfectly, which I was honestly a little worried about. The back has a row of buttons, which I just found adorable. The material is quite thin and I found I had to wear a singlet underneath as you could make out my white bra underneath.

I paired it with a black cord pencil skirt that I was gifted by Virtu. I’ve not worn it before because I’ve found it a little hard to style. I haven’t worn pencil skirts in ages. It jumped out when I got this skirt though and I think paired with the peplum, it works well.

Have you jumped on the peplum bandwagon?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=652877532 Bri King

    You look fantabulous in that outfit!!!! The shapes look awesome on you and it is quirky enough with the print to be true to your nature! Love it!

  • http://twitter.com/intoruth Ruth Johnston

    Oh, this outfit is lovely on you! I’m yet to take the plunge and get any peplum in my wardrobe, as I’m a little ‘bummy’, I really do love the way you’ve styled this top up and it really suits you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fknmj Melanie Jane Jackson

    The buttons down the back are super cute!

  • http://sortlifeoutbuymilk.blogspot.co.uk/ Sian Morgan

    I love peplums too! I have yet to try one yet though. The buttons down the back of the top are adorable. I really like the silhouette you got by combining the peplum top and pencil skirt. I thought it was a dress when I first saw the pictures. You look awesome. :)


  • http://tutusandtinyhats.wordpress.com/ Laura

    Cute! I like the bird print.

  • http://twitter.com/frockandroll Corrine/Frock & Roll

    What an AMAZING top, with a super-cute print! I’m *loving* this peplum trend!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you! I’m glad I caved and bought it!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I have this, and now the mint peplum skirt from ASOS. I really like them. I thought the buttons down the back were a super cute detail.

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I thought they were a great detail! It just adds something more to the top.

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I have a flat bum, so it doesn’t cause me any problems, but then again, I think it would probably work at disguising a larger bum.

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you! 😀

  • Barn icles

    love the bird print! :)

  • http://sortlifeoutbuymilk.blogspot.co.uk/ Sian Morgan

    Ooooh, I hope you do a outfit with that skirt soon. It is gorgeous.

  • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that top!!!!! :) And yes I sure have jumped on the peplum bandwagon 😀

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you, its soooo pretty in real life!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    The print is so pretty, it makes me feel really feminine! Peplum = awesome!

  • KFS

    I’m hoping to order some tops from Dorothy Perkins, but I am concerned about the sizing as I have super large boobs.
    How do you find the sizing of the tops?

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    This is the first top i’ve bought from DP, I believe, and it doesn’t have any stretch. It a size 22uk and fits me pretty perfectly. I’m only a small b, bordering on c cup, so I think it just depends on the style and fabric of what you’re looking at buying.

  • http://semicosmic.com/ Nichole

    Love your top!