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OOTD: Crazy

November 9, 2012

This is a bit of a crazy outfit, what can I say, sometimes I just embrace my eclectic side. Getting dressed that morning I decided to wear to pink, and seeing as I was staying home, I decided I could break the ‘leggings as pants’ rule. I mean, it would only be my parents seeing me, oh and of course everyone who reads my blog! 😛

I was having a day where I just wasn’t feeling ‘myself’. A bit down in the dumps and unsure of everything. Moving, men, and menstrual cramps are to blame. So, I decided to put on some make up. Don’t ask what’s up with my hair, I don’t know.

You may have noticed I don’t wear white, well, not very often. When I stumbled across this top at Big W, I couldn’t resist. A cute dog in pink glasses, for $12! YES! I only wish my matching pink Jono Hennessy glasses weren’t at the new place!

  • TOP –
  • LEGGINGS – Gisela Rimerez
  • BOLERO –
  • SHOES – Unif
  • EARRINGS – c/o

Do you wear leggings as pants at home?

  • So much pink! I like it. 🙂

    And the redonk expressions at the end of the post are really fun. 😀

    I don’t usually wear leggings as pants at home, but only because yoga pants and sweatpants are more comfortable.

  • I totally wear leggings as pants at home, and to be honest I ended up doing it in public too, because I was so heavily pregnant I couldn’t keep normal pants up, and most of my skirts didn’t fit. I think as long as they are heavy weight (i.e. not see-through) they should totally be pants!

  • Loving the silly faces! You can never have too much pink. I bought a pink Christmas tree on Monday. 🙂

  • Oh Nat, I just love coming over to your blog. You are so colourful and wonderful- it makes me so happy! I am so so SO excited to meet you next week! Warning- I will plant slobbery kisses on you and hug you inappropriately.

    And so back to the outfit- the pink- LOVE!!!!

  • Nessbow

    I love your ‘whoo-hoo!” hairdo! It’s gorgeous.

  • Love the pink!

    Also love this shirt. I bought it too a few weeks ago, how could I pass up a shirt with my fav puppy on it. Have picked up a few good things from Big W recently.

  • Stacey Cash

    This outfit is too cute! I love the dog with glasses tee. I totally wear leggings as pants, sometimes not even at home. I made my boyfriend check if the bum of my leggings was see-through the other day so I could go to the shops in them, hahaha.

  • I will wear leggings as pants as long as my lady bits are covered, I’m forever paranoid of camel toe 😛

  • Heheh, it’s such a gorgeous tee! Big W have had some awesome things as of late, I always try to duck in and see, cause they are super well priced!

  • Ahah, it’s a little weird, but I was hot and it got it off my neck 😛

  • Awww, thank you!! 😀 So excited to meet you too!

  • Eee! I have a black, white & pink Christmas tree, which you can see HERE, they are only small, but I love them. I couldn’t decide which colour I liked best, so I bought all 3!

  • I think that’s totally understandable. I’m a bit of a fence sitter on the whole leggings as pants rule. I will wear them as pants as long as my lady bits are covered, just because I’m totally mortified at the thought of camel toe. I don’t generally wear pants, they don’t fit and I find them uncomfortable, leggings on the other hand, are AMAZING! 😛

  • Yay for pink! Ah, I don’t really have any tracky dacks or that, leggings tend to be my dag around pants!

  • They look amazing! My main tree is green, then there’s the new pink one, then I have a pink tinsel one about a foot high. I love Christmas and can’t wait to start decorating for it.

  • Love it sooo much. You look soooo cute. Your hairstyle is super rad as well. I think you should dress like this every day.

  • LOVE this outfit! Love all the colour (hair included) and adore the little doggie on your shirt! Yep, I do wear leggings just at home, but when out, there has to be a skirt or long shirt covering the crotch area 😉

  • I don’t wear leggings as pants at home – sometimes leggings with shorts. If I’m slobbing around the house, I’ll wear pj pants. I think my main motivation is that I only have about 2-3 pairs of leggings and I don’t want them in the wash when I need them.

  • That’s such a fun outfit! You should see what I wear when I stay at home. lol *hangs head in shame*


  • ok lil sista… i just had to jump in + comment on this one… u know my opinion on leggings as pants… BUT…. i must say… this is my most favorite outfit ive ever seen u in… EVER…!!!! love it…!!! u should wear whites + bright colours more often.. <3

  • I’m from NJ, so – leggings ARE pants 🙂 Love this cute, comfy OOTD!

  • I always break the leggings as pants rule haha, I guess I just don’t mind people seeing my butt. Love this colourful outfit! Especially the top