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Quick pics! Failed OOTD & I got my L’s!

May 31, 2012

I figured a round of Quick pics, with a few ‘Failed OOTD’ pictures could work 😛 They are failed in the sense that I didn’t get very many pictures/ good enough quality etc. The picture above was quickly snapped on my phone, and below the camera battery died. It’s always the way!
DRESS – City Chic  Skater | VEST – Target | STOCKINGS – Gift from Caitlin (Similar) | BELT – Sussan | SHOES – Rubi Shoes | BAG – ASOS

DRESS, TOP & CARDI – c/o The Carpenters Daughter | LEGGINGS – Dorothy Perkins | HEADBAND – Scylla Designs | BRACELET – ASOS | NAIL POLISH – Tips are ‘Purple Panic’ by China Glaze

My handsome little man! He usually hates his photo being taken and will leave the room whenever I pull the camera out, but when Caleb and I were out the front playing last weekend, I managed to snap a few pictures of him.

On Monday I went and sat for my L’s! Yes, i’m 25 and I only just went for my learners permit! I still haven’t sat behind the wheel of a car, but I’m taking baby steps. I’m really proud of myself for doing this. It’s quite a big deal for me.

Some pictures from my Instagram!

  • Well done on getting your learner’s permit. That’s brilliant! 🙂

    I love the first “failed” ootd. The bag, shoes and vest are gorgeous. You are a very talented accessoriser. Something I need to work on.


  • Mel

    Can I just say that I love that you are back to your “natural” hair color! Pink just looks so great on you! 

    Getting your Learner’s is totally a big deal! I had to get mine and my license right away in high school because I had to drive to school, since the school bus didn’t come to my house. I remember being terrified and completely sure that I was NOT ready for such a big responsibility like not driving a huge car into other people or trees. It is good to take baby steps and now you are half way to crossing it off your bucket list!

    Also, I love following you on Instagram, especially since we get to see Mr. Frodo a lot!

  • Well done on getting your L’s!  Mine are going to expire in October, so I really need to get around to having some lessons.  Good luck!

  • Congrats on getting your learner’s! I’m your age… still haven’t got mine yet. Driving scares me completely! I’m still deciding whether to go for it this year 

  • edisonmyndiecoco

    Congrats on the L!  I didn’t drive until I was 21 -everyone was doing so when we were in high school, except for me and some handicapped students, but I had just too much fear ….

  • edisonmyndiecoco

    And P.S. on the L:  Last time I was in what’s called our DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles), there was a woman w/ orange hair very excited to get her L … and the examiner behind the counter hesitated and said, “Ahh, errr, m’am, maybe you want to come back another day and get the official license …well, errr, ahhhh, you have to have your picture taken.”  And when the woman looked at the examiner like DUH I KNOW THAT, the examiner said, “Madame, you have orange hair.”  The woman smiled and said, “It’s my natural color – take the picture already!”  ;)~~

  • Thank you! I’m rather proud of myself! Oh, and thanks, I always forget to wear jewellery, I have so much of it, but I always forget to wear it, but I think I do okay with putting together an outfit, I just need to remember jewellery!

  • Thank you! I love pink, it’s what I always go back to. I curled my hair today, and seeing as I didn’t bleach all the blue out, the ends has purplish streaks, it looks pretty amazing, if I can say so myself.

    It is a big deal, i’m so excited and still rather shocked I did it, my psychiatrist was impressed. I’ve still not gone behind the wheel, but yes, baby steps!

  • Oh, yes, you do! Mine go for 5 years! Mum asked, “When do you think you’ll go for your p’s, when do your L’s expire?” And I was like “2017!” Crazy!

  • I’ve yet to get behind the wheel, but I’m glad I went and got it! 

  • Ha! Yeah, I was glad that my hair wasn’t in one of my ‘growing out a colour stage’. It’s good that we don’t list hair/eye colour of that here!

  • Congrats on getting your licence!
    I haven’t learned how to drive yet… I’m sort of scared, and I know that I can not afford a car.