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Style Perfection – Carmakoma

June 26, 2012

I get a fair few lookbooks turn up in my email address, and I don’t normally show them.  Most things I love, i’ll share in a weekly wishlist post, or mention it on Facebook. However, when the newest email came in from Carmakoma, I opened up the files and was blown away. No, this isn’t a sponsored post, and I have never actually bought from this company before, mainly due to the currency conversion, but I just felt I had to share this.

The AW12 collection is amazing, with everything I love. Spots, stripes, peplum, bird prints and leather. Well, i’m not sure if it’s leather or pleather, but I am SO IN LOVE with that skirt. Seriously, so much so, I photoshopped an outfit together featuring the skirt, the much lusted after Cadet shirt (Currently half price at $57.80 us) and well, my head. I mean, look, I’d totally rock that outfit!While i’ve been wearing LOTS of colour lately, I am still drawn to black. I think i’d wear nearly everything in this collection, and that’s saying something from me, usually I find I like bits and pieces from any stores collection. So, I want to applaud Carmakoma for a brilliant collection & for designing awesome plus size clothes!

How would YOU style the awesome skirt above?

  • Ashley Rose

    Wow this is an amazing collection! There is not enough leather-esque plus pieces out there like this!

  • I Bouhht a pink and orange stripe shirt a few weeks ago und just 2-3 day back 8 stoood infront of my closet and thought I would need a black leather skirt so edge that shirt up. I waaaant it so bad, it is the perfect black skirt I am waiting for so long. awesome.

  • Wookie Wifey

    Those coral pants…I need them.

  • Oh. my. GOSH. That skirt! I must own it. And that pink DRESS! Amazing. Clicking over now, now, NOW!

  • They are amazing huh! I think I may need to invest in that skirt, i’m supposed to be saving, but it’s just soooo good!

  • They are pretty amazing!

  • Yes, i’ve been wanting a skirt like this for ages! So excited!

  • I know! I’m so excited about it!

  • Pernickety Pony

    You are right about that skirt…it’s just too fantastic!
    …I’ve already been spending too much money lately, though 🙁