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From unpleasant to pleasant (A Giveaway)

November 27, 2012

Moving into #thedarlingden, I knew I had to do a few things to make it ‘home’. The most major of these things is the kitchen. It’s not a HUGE project, but it’s big enough we have to enlist help from some people. The bench will be moved back and extended to fit a bar fridge and freezer, a few more cabinets will be added, and of course, flooring. At the moment, my kitchenette is carpeted. Now, I’m not a bad cook, but I am a little clumsy, carpet in an area I am cooking in, just won’t work.

Thanks to Bunnings, I have $150 voucher to help towards doing up my kitchenette, and I also have a $150 voucher to give away to one blog reader!


T&C –

  • Open to Australian residents only.
  • Images must be of your house, a family member or close friend, with permission.
  • One entry per person.
  • Competition is open from 6:30pm 27/11/2012 to 6pm (AEST) on the 7/12/12.
  • I may use the image you’ve provided in a follow up blog post.

How to upload an image: You can upload an image in the comments box, by clicking the little frame in the bottom left corner of the comment box. You can also leave a link to an image by copying the url and pasting it in the comment box.

  • What a great idea! i will have to enter this one! who in there right mind would put carpet in a kitchen?? only a man! lol

  • Guest
  • Michelle

    We rent our house and aren’t allowed to have a/c installed. A few years back my husband installed “temporary” a/c in the window. Now because of the structural restrictions he built a solid treated pine support. To me it looks like a homemade AT AT Walker! But the inside is even worse. We’re having visitors at Christmas and I am mortified that they will see this. Unfortunately, between now and then we have bills coming out of our ears and my husband’s job ends on 21/12!

    As the Princess said “Help me, Obi-Wan”

  • Michelle

    Here is a picture from the inside! Outside is bad, bad, bad! lol

  • Brad Iversen

    So much potential,
    But no motivation.
    I need Bunnings,
    To help my cultivation.
    So this garden space,
    After the upcoming vacation,
    Will receive from the Nation,
    A standing ovation!

  • Toby

    Ohh! Atrocious.. it makes me sad to look upon such a backyard where no child can play!

    If only this yard was well kept with ferocious man tools and garden edging. Oh it is to dream..

    But if I were to actually dream, it would be boundless mounds with little doors and windows, Kind of like, a person of fantasy lived there. A man called a hobbit would greet you. He would call you hither to enter for supper and stories. Stories of times passed when the owner of this backyard didn’t have a $150 Bunnings voucher. It was a horrid time, with tales of vigor and misfortune too long to fit into 200 words.

    But this is only a dream, so for now, the hobbit leaves in the shed out the back with a girl called Trixie and two dozen dogs. It’s not a bad life, but it sure is no sweeping mounds of green grassed houses..

  • toni e

    Im pretty ashamed to say my TINY backyard is out of control. seems unbelievable really with the size of it. I would LOVE to have a plantar box put in where my kiddies can grow something with colour, bit of week killer and a mow wouldnt go astray either. Bunnings voucher = perfect for us 🙂

  • Rachel T

    This is just a little embarrassing to post, lol but worth it for the chance to win! Basically this wall was wood panelling and we ripped it off with the idea to paint it to match the rest of the house. It didn’t exactly work out that way (does it ever?) and it has been sitting undone for a while! What we’d really like to do is simple enough, we’d need lots of sanding paper, no more gaps, expanda foam, a few tiles & grout (for over near the oven) and paint and painting supplies. I’d also really love to shine up that back door with something somehow and make it more of a feature!

    Thank you for a fantastic giveaway 🙂
    My email is nickyandrachy@internode.on.net

  • Rebecca

    This is my horrible pastel green dining room, you should have seen it before I stole left over ceiling white from my Dad and painted over the bright yellow cornices! This colour, along with pastel pink is all the way through my house, I can’t stand it! I want to make it a space where colourful family photos adorn the walls and create the perfect backdrop for childhood memories to be made! A $150 Bunnings voucher would be a dream come true and would rid me of these torturous colours forever 🙂


  • Here’s a photo of the timber work above our garage. It’s in desperate need of a paint – first impressions count!