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Weekly Wishlist

October 11, 2012

  1. ASOS Curve – Black pencil skirt with sequin panel – $50.87 au
  2. ASOS Curve – PU & Jersey Pencil Skirt – $47.47 au
  3. Virtu – Harlequin Pencil Skirt – $79.95
  4. ASOS Curve – Multi Sequin pencil skirt – $50.87
  5. ASOS Curve – Pink lace skater dress – $42.39
  6. Peter Alexander – Glinda the Goodwitch silk tee – $89.9 – $58.65 (Sale til 14.10)
  7. Wole Designs – Faux leather peplum skirt – $89.99
  8. Windsor Smith – Envious boots – $189.95
  9. Ebay – Game of Thrones bust – $129
  10. Topshop – Maisy bag in Pink – £61.00
  11. Jelly Beans – Neon Pink Jelly Sandals – $29.99
  12. Ebay – Wicket mini bust – $79
  13. The Iconic – Skye I by Senso – $124.50

Keep a Breast BOOB Necklace – Bonadrag – $50 While I am not a fan of gold, I am in love with necklace. It appeals to my quirky side, but more importantly, all net proceeds go to the Keep a Breast foundation.

  • Want so much of this as well! How amazing is that multi-sequined skirt from asos?! I’m going to have get some jelly sandals for summer too.

  • Ahh you make me want to buy all the things! But I don’t have all the moneys…boo.

  • Ahaha, i’m the same, that’s why it’s a “wishlist”, 😛

  • I’m loving the jelly sandals and such a great price!

  • You’ve reminded me just how long it’s been since I’ve done this on my blog! I love it ALL!

  • It’s fun to do! I call it a weekly wishlist, though it tends to be more fortnightly or monthly 😛

  • Nessbow

    Yes to the Dorothy shirt, and the sequinned skirt, and the ewok, and to, well….all of it! This wishlist is entirely to my taste!

  • Wookie Wifey

    Oh god, that pink dress. *dies*

    And the hot pink jelly sandals – totally get those. I had a black pair in high school and I wore them until they fell apart even though everyone made fun of them and called them ugly because they were soooooo comfy, if I ever found a pair around here, I’d snatch them up in a heartbeat. Next best thing to Melissas, IMO, which I’ve had the immense pleasure of owning two pairs of. (Flea market ftw)

  • Ahaha, Glad you like :p

  • Oh, I have a pair of Melissa shoes that I scored at a 2nd hand shop for $5! I was in heaven! I think I may get a pair of the jelly shoes. I have a pair of plastic shoes (that are in the newest OOTD) that I love, but I quite like the sandals!