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A new puppy!

March 18, 2013


On Saturday we welcomed a new member into the family! A little boy, yet to have a final name confirmation. It was Jimmy, but due to a few circumstances, Mum’s decided to change it. She just hasn’t found the right one yet. Yep, it’s another Cavi! Mum does seem to love the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

I was really surprised when Mum mentioned she was thinking of getting a puppy. After Emily passed away, I didn’t really think Mum would get another dog, let alone a puppy. This little dude, yep, a male, is about 4 months old, so not a young puppy, but oh how I had forgotten how joyous a puppy can be!


Both Emily & Betsy were through rescue and had lived very hard lives. Emily opened up slowly, but was always a very shy, timid and withdrawn dog. Betsy, is opened up more and more, she’s feeling comfortable enough to show off a fun and dorky personality. It’s amazing how a safe and secure environment can change an animal.

With a puppy though, especially one who’s been brought into the world well, loved and cared for, is just simply a little ball of joy. He hasn’t seen the hard things that can happen to a dog. He is open to all the love and just so trustworthy. This little fellow is SO affectionate. Kisses, kisses, let me climb all over you and give you even more kisses!


The other animals are doing well. Puppy came from a house full of cats, so he fell in love with Tonka and has been trying to play with him. Tonka is doing well, not quite used to the attention, but tries to play for a bit with him. I’m so glad Tonka is a cat that seems to love everyone.

Betsy snuck in to lay with him in the bathroom earlier tonight. She’s been ignoring him a little, but is showing interest. Frodo and him seem to be pretty good. Frodo pays him attention when it suits him, and has been wanting to play fetch more then usual. Though he decided to bring the toy over to puppy today. I think Frodo may find a tug-of-war buddy eventually.


So, any suggestions for names!?

  • Squeeeee, too cute!! I’m bad with names, I just name my animals after tv/movie characters or people. lol. I like Olly/Ollie though, if you wanted to have the “ee” sounding name?

  • Marta

    As you’re a fan of Middle-Earth too and I’ve been in a bit of a Hobbit hype since I saw the movie… how about naming him after one of the dwarves? He has such an adorable face, and if we say “adorable” I immediately think of Bofur… but maybe Ori or Kili could be more suitable names for a puppy. What do you think?

    (Long time reader, first time commenter BTW – Hi! :D)

  • What a cutie! I think your family is single handedly convincing me that I need to adopt a cavi when I get another pup. I used to want a dog named Samson for some reason. Excited to hear what name gets picked!

  • Lauren S

    Omg SO CUTE!! I love animals so much. <3

  • flashionaffair

    aw he is gorgeous, i love his angry eyebrows haha so cute! I have a nephew named Jimmy its a cute name. Id call him something like George or Fred lol.

  • How adorable! – and – congratulations!!! You speak very good words about a rescue V a puppy – and how love can indeed change a wounded animal <3 Hmmm, let me think of a potential name …. first cuppa coffee here! 😉

  • Winston!

  • I really LOVE winston as a name! I think Mum has chosen ‘Aussie’.

  • xoxo

  • Hahah, well, he is a bit of a mischief maker! I like the name Jimmy, but I know 2 Jimmys, and my Mum said it would just remind her of them.

  • I am such an animal lover too!

  • They are a gorgeous breed, with great temperaments and just all round lovely. Though beware, they do have heart problems. We lost Bayley at around 5 years and then Emily around 8, but they both had very hard lives. Our vet lost hers at 3. They say that getting a mix, like a cavoodle, helps breed out the heart problems, but it’s kind of luck of the draw.

    I like the name Samson! Mum considered ‘Sam’ for like half a second, because we have a Frodo and Sam was her favourite hobbit, but uh, my sisters name is Sam 😛

  • Hi! Thank you for commenting! 😀
    Oh, if I had free range to pick the name it would probably be Hobbit related, but it’s Mums dog, so she gets to choose! I think she’s going to go for ‘Aussie’.

  • I am the same, I name my animals after characters or music it seems. Frodo, obviously Lord of the Rings. My fur babies that are with my ex are Ginny, which is short for Virginia. Though I know Ginny in HP is Ginerva, but I like Ginny short for Virginia, and also from The Dresden Dolls album. And Henry, was after Henry from Sanctuary, and from Nick Cave songs, ‘Papa won’t leave you Henry’ and ‘Henry Lee’. Tonka already came with his name, but he often gets it shortened to Tonks. 😛

  • oh Nat he is so wonderful and I think just what you need to put a smile on your face 🙂

    I am hopeless at names but I know whatever it will be it will suit him to a tea xx

  • He is absolutely gorgeous and looks like a Bertie to me, Aussie is a lovely name for a dog, very patriotic!

  • He’s so adorable! I like the name Buddy

  • I love all those names and the reasoning behind them! I think it means more if you name your pets after something you love, rather than just picking a name like “puss” lol. Mine were Nala and Timon, from the Lion King, Cosmo from Seinfeld (LOL), Arwen from LoTR and Dexter was named because we loved the Offspring (Dexter was the lead singer) at the time. And Gwen, because Gwen Stefani is a queen. haha.

  • Captain furpants!
    Best name ever. He is so cute.

  • He is adorable! I wish he was mine, but he’s been a little mischief maker, so I’m kind of glad he’s mums 😛

  • Yeah, my Mum is VERY patriotic 😛

  • Buddy was actually one I mentioned to Mum! She ended up choosing ‘Aussie’

  • Ahaha, YES! Captain furpants may just be the best name ever, however, not a name I think my Mum would have gone for!

  • Cheri’z Angel

    So cute! My cousin has a King Charles Cavalier and I swear this breed has one of the cutest personalities ever!