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Just a heads up that I’ve redone my sidebar advertising! I’ve gone back to passionfruit ads as I find it a much easier way to host ads.

I always feel a little weird talking about advertising on the blog, it’s one of those things that tends to be all hush hush, nooo, don’t talk about that. But I wanted to say that sidebar advertising is something I’m trying out. I don’t want the blog to be over run with ads, but I also want to try and work harder at this blogging thing, at making it a ‘real job‘. It’s only over the past year that I’ve realised that it CAN be done. I started blogging because I needed to do something, I needed a way to keep occupied, to have a creative outlet. I never thought 3 years later, my blog would be, well, THIS!

Money from advertising goes back into the site. It can go towards anything from buying banner space on other blogs, helping pay the bills for hosting the site, paying off my laptop, or as of right now, that sneaky bill that came out of my bank for my computers virus protection. I don’t think people often realise how much money does go in to blogging, and it’s advertising, in any way that I use, that helps keep it running. Though, in full disclosure, it will sometimes will go towards buying a much lusted after ASOS piece when it goes on sale.

Rambling, anyway, the next few months are shaping up to be busy for me! It’s the perfect time to buy an ad for your blog or business, these months are actually some of the best for my blog traffic!

November will see me –

  • A post on an Aussie stores new range of plus size clothing.
  • Fly! On a plane that is. I’m one of those people who enjoy flying!
  • Spending two weeks in Melbourne!
  • Stay in a swanky hotel. Well, it’s not super swanky, but it looks nice, and technically, it’s serviced apartments.
  • Do some sight seeing, shopping & meet ups with friends & fellow bloggers.
  • Attend the Blogcademy! (Eee! Gala! Nubby! Kat! I’m nervous & excited already!)
  • One, possibly 2 giveaways!

As you can see on my advertising page, I also have a “Special” of “Buy 2 months, get 1 free”. The November/ December / January time is quite a busy and fun time, the perfect time to take advantage of this offer, as I have some great posts lined up.



December will see me –

  • Show off some Christmas Cheer. Posts on Christmas stocking stuffers, how I decorate The Darling Den for the holidays, and my own Wishlist!
  • Celebrate Christmas! Woo!
  • I’ll probably be visiting Taronga Zoo, and I am considering having another “Zoo Week
  • My blogs 3rd birthday!

January will see me –

  • Celebrate New Years! Double Woo!
  • Recap the year that was.
  • I’m heading back to Melbourne at the end of January!


Head on over to the advertising page for a little more info!

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  • Nessbow

    I know what you mean about blog advertising being something of a taboo topic. I always feel a bit weird talking about advertising on my blog. but at the same time it’s important to try to attract new advertisers. It’s a bit of a balancing act.