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Aussie Curves – Pink

October 18, 2013


PINK! It is my favourite colour, and what I actually consider my natural hair colour. Yes, I was born brunette, but my hair was meant to be pink. Oh how I’m missing my colour hair! Anyway, I was a little stumped this week, because despite it being my favourite colour, I don’t have too many items of pink clothing. aussiecurves-pink-001

I was planning on wearing my favourite dress, but Dani wore it! So I decided to just do subtle pink, focus on some of the fun pink accessories I have. While I don’t have a lot of pink clothes, I have an abundance of pink jewellery, shoes and belts!

Please excuse the slightly odd posing, I hurt my arm, and after spending yesterday getting x-rays I’m happy to report its not broken or fractured. Just sore. I have a sling though!aussiecurves-pink-004

Top – Kmart | Skirt – ASOS | Belt – City Chic | Shoes – Jelly Beans
Necklace – Diva? | Glasses – c/o Jono Hennessy


And of course, had to take a snap with my pink glasses! Yes, I wear glasses! I’m supposed to wear them whenever I leave the house, but to be honest, I often forget! :Saussiecurvesnat disc02

  • Hankette

    Love the subtle pink tones… Definitely my kind of pink outfit

  • SpiikerKat

    ohh those pink jellies are fabulous! and i love your pink glasses!! super cute!

  • Thanks sweety!

  • Thanks!

  • I hope your arm feels better soon <3

    Loving the floral and pink!! 😀 Your shoes are so awesome and remind me of the 90s!

  • Oh mahhhhhh gawd, I’m in love with those jellies. And your glasses!

  • Nessbow

    Those shoes and those glasses are so lovely. I like the direction you took with this outfit: just pops of pink against the black background looks awesome.

  • I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!! You look so pretty.

  • BlondieInk

    Sooooo cute! Love 🙂

  • Sam Weir

    Gorgeous outfit and OMG those glasses! Shoes are adorable too!

  • Ooooo those glasses are THE BEST. I miss your coloured hair sometimes too. Weird, but true. Haha. I do love you blonde though. And in pink? Divine.