Aussie Curves – Second Hand

aussiecurves-2ndhand-00I had to really think this week, cause I don’t own many 2nd hand items of clothing. I knew I had a few pairs of shoes and some jewellery passed down from family, but clothing, nope. That was until I remembered my Beth Ditto for Evans Domino Dress! This dress was love at first sight for me, but I didn’t have the money to buy when it came out, and it sold out pretty quickly. However, a year or two later, Definatalie sold hers. I snapped it up ASAP.

aussiecurves-2ndhand-01It fit me perfectly at the time, but now I’ve lost a little weight it’s a bit big. I often wear it with a skirt over the top (as seen here), but with a belt I don’t think it looks too noticeable (unless I put my hands on my hips, as below).

aussiecurves-2ndhand-03These shoes are also 2nd hand. My 2nd pair of Jeffrey Campbells, I bought them off ebay for a fraction of the price. I’d always loved the look of the Tardy boot, and the silver gave it a futuristic edge.

aussiecurves-2ndhand-04Dress – Evans, via Natalie | Belt – City Chic | Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell Tardy, via Ebay
aussieoutfit-05 disc02

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  • Ezmae Reid

    you look awesome as always! What a wickid dress!

  • Mandie

    gorgeous look, and I love those shoes!!

  • Alison Wonderland

    Dominos! Hello! Like, totally awesome dress. That one very cool outfit.

  • http://www.sugercoatit.com/ Melissa Walker Horn

    Super cute outfit! Loving the dress! I would absolutely find a way to work this into my work wardrobe, I’m sneaky like that}. The boots are just adorable. Silver and shiny! What’s not to love.

  • http://brodricklive365.blogspot.com/ Brodrick live 365

    That dress is just awesome and the boots just seal the deal. You look fab.

  • abearmadethis

    I remember when this dress came out and how popular it was. Lucky you to snag one 2nd hand, looks great on you xx

  • Katie Spijkerman

    What an awesome dress!

  • http://justmeleah.blogspot.co.uk/ Just Me Leah

    It looks great! I’ve always loved that dress.

  • http://sortlifeoutbuymilk.blogspot.co.uk/ Sian Morgan

    You look fabulous! I really like that you use it as a top by adding a skirt to it, very clever and cute. Keep trying to snag this on ebay, but it always goes waaay too high for my liking.

  • http://howtofeedawookie.blogspot.com/ WookieWifey

    I adore this whole look, so cute!

  • http://www.rubyvelour.com/ Ruby Velour

    OK so I need those boots. I never thought to look up JC’s on ebay! Thanks for the protip, Nat! 😀

  • http://rachelindisguise.blogspot.com/ Rachel

    I love this dress so much, I always regret not getting anything from her first collab.

  • Nessbow

    Oh my gosh that dress. I don’t have enough adjectives to describe how awesome it is!

  • http://theshoegirldiaries.blogspot.com/ Pink Haired Princess

    You look amazing in that dress! I’ve always liked it, I couldn’t afford any of the Beth stuff at the time(s), so don’t own any sadly.

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you! Yeah, I couldn’t afford anything at the time either. The UK to Aussie conversion is bad at the best of times, but luckily I was able to get it from another Aussie for a really great price!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Hehe, I know, I really really love it! I have a matching scarf too!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    So did I, until I picked this up. I have the polka dot peter pan collar dress from the 2nd.

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    YES! The first 2 pairs of JCs I bought were off ebay, back when they were still somewhat unknown.

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I LOVE wearing it as a top, I’m not always comfortable in body con so layering a skirt over it opens up a whole new set of possibilities!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you! 😀

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you! It’s one of my favourites!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I know, when I noticed it for sale, and that no one had bought it, I snapped it up straight away!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I think you could probably work it into a work wardrobe… somehow. It’s quite a great shape and that, I think you’d just have to try and tone down its boldness!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Oh I love these shoes so much too! I can’t wear them for as long now after breaking my foot, but they are surprisingly comfortable!

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Thank you sweety! xox

  • http://sortlifeoutbuymilk.blogspot.co.uk/ Sian Morgan

    Yeah, I was thinking that because I am not 100% ready to go full body con, but asos has some really nice prints on their body con dresses, so this a good way to get that print, but still be comfortable. :)

  • http://tutusandtinyhats.wordpress.com/ Laura

    The dress and shoes are both awesome!

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    Wow that dress is amazeballs! You look fantastic Natalie :-)

  • http://twitter.com/heyLisaWarren Lisa Warren

    That dress is so you! It fits perfectly and looks fab. Love those fun silver boots too.

  • http://www.inspiredwish.com/ Jeanie

    Oh what an awesome dress. I also love the pic of the skirt over it. Stunning!! Those shoes are something else too. My 25 year old self would’ve worn those!