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July 5, 2013


Sometimes it seems its one step forward, two steps back. It’s frustrating. I’ve come down with some flu and my body just wants me to sleep, and then I feel overwhelmed by the list of things I should be doing instead of resting. I need to take a breath. I need to stress less.


The animals in this household never fail to bring my joy. Betsy is finally realising more and more that she can be a dog, that she can do things and not get into trouble for it. She’s sometimes even pushing those limits, but it’s amazing to see her not be afraid to show personality. She’s loving sleeping on the arm chairs between Mum & Dad. For a dog that would cower every time you went to pat her, it’s nice to know she’s feeling safe & loved.


My fur family are good. Silly family portrait above. I got a new rug for #thedarlingden & both Frodo & Tonks thought it was the best thing ever. Tonka is still so very much in love with Frodo, is always snuggling up to him, kissing him. It’s adorable. When frodo thinks i’m not looking, he’ll sit there and clean Tonkas face for him.


Aussie thinks he’s a cat. He was raised with them before we adopted him, and he has so many mannerisms of a cat. When I let Frodo & Tonka out into my parents section, Aussie goes nuts. Luckily him & Tonka will just play & play & play. Then you’ll find them all snuggled up somewhere together.


Aussie is really a little nutter. He’s so full of beans, and so full of love. It’s been a while since we have had a puppy-puppy, and the love and outright affection is astounding compared to rescue dogs, who take forever to trust you and open up.

Make me feel better, tell me about your fur babies!

  • flashionaffair

    Aw they are so cute. I really want a dog but cant get one until we own a house. In the meantime Elmo makes us laugh like nothing else he is so funny. He is exactly 6months old today and acts like a puppy most fo the time. He will eat just about anything, and especially loves playing in the kitchen sink and shower. sometimes he jumps into the bath while I am showering and plays with the water he definitely is not a scaredy cat. We bought him a bed when he was a baby for him to use and he never did until last month, now our household has a routine. We go to bed and elmo hops into his bed next to ours for a few hours then climbs under the duvet with us for snuggles. we often wake up with him in the middle with his head on the pillow snuggling up to us its perfect! He loves drinking out of my glass so much I recently bought a cup that has a lid and straw just so I could finish my water or milk in peace. its working yey! Anyway so many stories to tell we love animals! I am so glad you have your fur babies to cheer you up! xo

  • Nessbow

    Seeing Tonka and Frodo all snuggled up together just makes my heart sing. They’re adorable.

  • I have no fur babies, but I do have a massive lurgy right now, so I sympathise. I went on holiday and was ill throughout – period from hell, stomach bug, and finally an acid reflux episode which has left me with flu symptoms. I need someone to come feed me tea and cake! Feel better soon.

  • julia

    nice pets you have……so lucky…………

  • julia

    hope I also have some nice pets like yours…………..http://www.plussizerus.com.au/