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Outfit – Red lace

July 13, 2013


Well, you’ve seen the pink version, and the longer sleeved grey version, so I thought it only fair to show off the red. I can’t really put into words how much I love these dresses. They are just, so comfortable and pretty. The lace is soooo soft.


These dresses are on sale atm, and I’m trying not to buy them in every colour. The black is down to $21.90, and the red & green versions are $26.28. You can find them HERE. They come with a belt, but for some reason i’ve just not been feeling a lot of accessories lately. I’ve just been going for comfort & simplicity.


Yes, my shoes are complete knock offs of the Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes i’ve been lusting after forever. I could never afford the real things, and whilst I sometimes feel bad buying such blatant knock offs, but for $12, I couldn’t resist!


Dress – ASOS | Shoes – Boohoo


  • Red hot babe! 😀

  • Whoo, looking good! I think I might order one of these now.

  • You look awesome in this dress. I sent the red one back today. It’s sadly not my colour, but I tried it. The black one is in my wardrobe and I love it! ?

    Love, Mel xoxo

  • You should. The dress is absolutely awesome. 😉 ?

  • Thanks Mel! <3

  • Amy Darling

    Such a lovely dress!!

  • Thanks Amy!

  • I keep looking at the black one to buy, but I have so many black dresses as it is, that’s why I’ve gone for the other colours first.

  • Dooo eeeeet!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • I got the black. If they had all three in my size I would’ve bought the lot…so it’s just as well!! 🙂 Hearing they’re so soft sold it. I have to have soft clothes because of my uber sensitive Fibro skin.

  • I did! 😀