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Birthday Shenanigans (Quick outfit)

June 9, 2014


Saturday was my birthday!! I flew down to Melbourne last Thursday, I wanted to spend my birthday with my man friend and with things going well, we decided I’d come down and stay for 6 weeks. Whilst unpacking my 2 suitcases, I realised I brought more clothes with me then my man friend actually owns! I guess that’s the life of a fashionista!

I picked up my birthday dress the day before my birthday. I’d been in love with the dress for ages, and you’ve probably already seen a few Aussie bloggers rock it, but when it went on sale I went to snap it up online, only to have it sold out. My local store had it in an XL and I nearly bought it (to have it taken in at a tailor), but luckily the Chadstone store here in Melbourne had the beauty in a M & it fit like a dream!

Dress – City Chic | Top (underneath) – Kmart | Tights – Sonsee | Boots – Payless Shoes


For my birthday,  a group of friends went to lunch a Hu Tong Dumpling Bar, where we feasted on some amazing food. I’d really recommend the Dong Po square soft pork, sooo good! It wasn’t until later that I realised I was too busy socialising and having fun, that I didn’t take any photos! Ah well, I have my memories!


One of my friends is super talented & made this gorgeous owl origami art! I was speechless when I opened the packaging, it’s so beautiful! You can find more of her work here.

I’m really looking forward to spending a good chunk of time in Melbourne. I’m going to get out and explore, meet up with some people, and try to get to the zoo!

Do you have a suggestion on what I should do whilst in Melbourne?

  • MJ

    I suggest we meet and be socially awkward together!

  • I’m up for it! 😛

  • Happy birthday! That dress is super-cute. 🙂

  • MJ

    I’ll msg you soon and we’ll work out a date 😉

  • i second that! all of us socially awkward gals should have a melbourne hang out!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You look so adorable. Now that your here for 6weeks we HAVE to meet up. Chuck me an e-mail at nerdburgerblog@hotmail.com. I’m free most Sundays from 10am. 🙂

  • Leah (Just Me Leah)

    Happy birthday (again!) The dress is fantastic and enjoy Melbourne!


    OMG, that dress!! I want it!!

  • YAY! You got the dress! Looks so fantastic! Also, super glad you had such a good time at your party 🙂

  • The zoo is awesome. I’ve always wanted to go to the Werribee Zoo as well but it’s hard without a car. Even though i’ve lived in melbourne forever, i’m hopeless at telling people things to do. I have a handful of places I go and don’t venture much outside them.

  • Horatia

    I visited Australia and of course Melbourne in March and I LOVED the little penguins of St. Kilda, you have to go when it gets dark, really cute!

  • I LOVE fairy penguins, they are sooo cute!

  • I think the last time I went to Melbourne Zoo I was around 10! Werribee sounds awesome, but yeah, neither my boyfriend or I drive.

  • I DID! So glad I found it in my size & on sale!!

  • Thank you!! <3

  • Thanks sweety!

  • Thank you! And YES, we do!

  • Yes! That’d be awesome! I wouldn’t mind a shopping buddy at times!

  • Thank you!