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January 8, 2014


I’ve been blogging in one form or another for a loooong time, i’m talking around 12 years now. One of the first blogs I remember reading was Gala’s, she had colourful hair and such an optimistic outlook that I couldn’t help but wish I had. Soon after, I started reading Nubby Twiglet. Shauna had such an amazing design aesthetic that stretched across into her wardrobe & home. She was a girl after my own heart. I don’t remember when I first read Rock n Roll bride, but I remember clicking back through pages and pages of articles looking at all the amazing and eclectic weddings.


When these ladies joined forces and announced the blogcademy, I was ecstatic, and heartbroken. I mean, I live in Australia, what was the luck that they’d travel down here? Turns out, I was in luck! I was so excited when they announced they were coming to Australia, and as the classes were in different states, I used the excuse to give myself a holiday.


Gosh, did I have an amazing time! One of the things that drew me to The Blogcademy was how fun it looked! Now i’ve been to a few blogging workshops & classes, and they are great to learn things, but The Blogcademy is presented in such a laid back and easy going way that you just feel so comfortable. I always find it easier to learn and absorb things when I’m relaxed.


It also helps that you are surrounded by other amazing bloggers, most in sparkly headpieces, wanting to learn as much as they can, and willing to bounce ideas around with you. If you’re a blogger, you’ll understand how awesome it is to be able to talk ‘blog’ with other people. Try doing it with people who don’t blog and they often just give you blank stares. It’s a thing!

blogcademy-005The 2 days was amazing. Well worth the trip & money spent. I have a notebook full of ideas, a head full of thoughts and a whole new set of friends!

The Blogcademy are heading back to Australia this year & doing classes in Sydney & Melbourne. Never fear if you’re elsewhere in the world, they are visiting other locations too!


 First & Last photo by Corey Sleap. The rest by me.
You can see more photos I took of the day here.

  • Eeeep! Fun!! I’m set to go in June. I’m kind of nervous and not sure what to expect.


  • Yay they are coming to NZ, am going to give it some serious thought – not sure if I have the guts to go though, it sounds scary but in a fun way lol

  • I wanted to go so much but the price for a 2 day course was ludicrous. Do you feel you learnt enough from it for the cost price or was it more about meeting and interacting with other bloggers? 🙂

  • Cait

    SO expensive but also I am so keen to go…are you going again?

  • Beckerman Girls

    Looks like u had the bessst time! These pics are filled with lots of energy and awesomeness! xoBeckerman Girls

  • Ooh that looks like such an amazing time 😀

  • Swiat Asi

    Wow.. this looks like a lot of fun… and you all look so pretty :))

    Joanna from http://www.theplussizeblog.com/

  • Aw, thanks Joanna, it was a brilliant time!

  • It was sooo good!

  • I want to, but I don’t think I can afford it. It works out better that its in Sydney this year, but depending on things, I MAY be moving to Melbourne around that time.

  • I couldn’t resist, took a fair bit of savings, but I managed to afford it. I feel I learnt heaps, the first day I admit I knew a lot of stuff that was talked about, but the second day was great. The added interaction with other bloggers, talking about ideas, brainstorming and just connecting was priceless.

  • I was scared! I’d not met anyone in person, I’d only talked to Brittany online, and I’m a VERY shy and reserved person, so it was actually a HUGE deal for me. I get horrid anxiety and don’t often put myself ‘out there’ often, but I am glad I did with this.

  • Oh! You will have a GREAT time! You’ll learn heaps of stuff, but it’s such a great atmosphere.

  • Guest

    I am also thinking about going to the Auckland one!

  • Robin

    I’m also thinking about going to the Auckland one!