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Caturday – Tonka Time

April 26, 2014


It’s been awhile since I shared some love of my fur babies here. I’m still missing Mr Frodo terribly, I had moments where I will break down and cry just from the heart break, but I also know thats not what he would have wanted. Tonka fretted for a while, went off his food, was very lost, but he’s back to his old self again now.


He loves going and playing with my parents dogs though. I’m sure he thinks of himself as a dog. He used to have a toy foam red nose that he LOVED, that was until Aussie tore it up. I went on ebay and bought him a few new ones & he’s been SO happy. He walks around with them in his mouth, and will drop them in front of you so you can throw it for him. Yep, he plays fetch.



How are your fur babies!?

  • Awww, kitty!! LOOKIT THE KITTY. And, um, your bed sheets, I need them. Especially seeing as my little man is a black cat.

  • Hee! My doona cover is from Modcloth! I couldn’t resist it when it came out, its so awesome!!

  • Tonka is so cute <3 I'm so glad that he's feeling back to normal again, it would've been hard for him, too. I don't have any fur babies at the moment, but I hope to (when I'm a bit more settled, and know where I'm going to stay put for a while!) have a dog again one day!

  • We have the opposite – a dog who thinks she’s a cat. She’s so aloof and undog like in her affection. She’s even eating cat treats atm because all the dog treats have stuff that are bad for her allergies so we got her dried fishes.

  • Ahaha, see Tonka has trouble with most cat foods, as he can’t eat any seafood, if he does, he just throws up everywhere! Tonka is the biggest sook and always demanding pats and cuddles, he tends to sleep on me, or use me as a pillow of a night. It’s amazing how different animals can be!

  • Dogs are THE best! I’m such a dog person. I hope to get a dog in the future, its something Michael and I have talked about.

  • He’s such a handsome boy!

  • Nessbow

    Tonka is so handsome! I love the beautiful markings on his face.

    My kitties are going well. Ringo in particular has become mega-snuggly now that the weather is getting colder. Jelly has grown her winter coat and is so soft to pet.