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Health and Happenings!

May 22, 2014


No, my cabinet isn’t set up like that. I just wanted to take a photo of the photobook I made of Mr Frodo & thought I’d put his urn (him?) in the picture. I laugh when I see the look Tonka is giving in the background. To be honest, his urn is in a material bag, in a paper bag, on the floor between my chest of drawers and bookcase. I decided I wanted to do a photobook ages ago, but snapfish had a half price sale on recently. You get 20 pages with the book and you can add in extra. This one was 44 pages. It’s hard fitting in so many years of life into one book. Can you believe he’s been gone 6 months now?

I miss having a dog. I REALLY miss having a dog. I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t have a dog. It’s not something that I can do right now. If I move to Melbourne later this year, it will be even more harder moving with a dog and finding a place to rent. I would have done it if Frodo was still alive, but right now, it doesn’t seem practical. My manfriend and I talk often about getting a dog together, I search the rescue sites and that, but we have our heart set on an Anatolian.


I’ve been working on my health lately. It’s hard. Really hard. I think that’s partially why OOTD have been lacking. My mental health is doing okay, but my actual health is something I’ve been putting off for, well, ages. I have polycystic ovaries, and I have diabetes. I knew what my main problem was, and that was that I didn’t eat ENOUGH. I usually only ate one meal a day, and that’s not healthy. So i’ve made the effort to eat at least 3 meals a day, and be a hell of a lot more consious of what i’m putting IN my body. I’ve cut down on fizzy drink, so much so that I went through withdrawels resulting in daily headaches.

I went to the doctors on Monday to have a set of blood tests (to make sure that those headaches weren’t something more sinister & check my sugar) & I got all worried when I was rung & asked to come back in the clinic. I’m doing well. All my tests result came back improved from the test I have 3 months ago. Everything has dropped between 1 to 3 numbers. My doctor was so excited and really proud of me. I’m really proud of me.

Above – Glasses c/o Select Specs (I love them!) | Earrings – ASOS

  • Awesome news about the bloods coming back better… dogs are so special and one day when the time is right you will find your loved dog – have a happy weekend

  • Louise

    Can I ask why you picked an Anatolian? They’re pretty intense livestock guardian dogs, and they don’t do very well in urban/suburban settings.

  • It’s a dog my partner and I have spent a great time looking into. We understand the responsibility of such a dog. We got onto the breed after researching Kangals, and my partner is a lover of larger dogs. I’ve had a Newfoundland in the past. We know its a livestock guardian dogs, and the breed comes from working land with flock, sometimes seeing no humans for days, even weeks. We know they are smart, and willful breed. It’s not something we are rushing into, and it won’t be until we get a place with a decent yard, and even then, he will be walked daily. It will be trained, socialised and given a good home. We’ve talked to a few owners of Anatolians online (though in the US, and some in urban settings) and I’ve even talked to my current local vet and dog behavioral specialist. We’re not adverse to a mixed breed, as I’ve seen a couple on rescue sites. I’m a dog lover and I feel that it is something my partner and I can handle. We’ve done a lot of research, and I guess its just the dog we feel drawn to.

  • It can be hard to fix the bad eating patterns. I’ve been cutting out sugar and most of the time it’s fine but sometimes it’s like I’d kill a man for a block of chocolate.

    It’s hard to want a dog and not be able to have one but it’s best. I get so angry with people who put their own needs before their dogs. You can sometimes foster dogs short-term from rescue places until they find their permanent family but, of course, you’d have to able to part with them when that time comes.

  • Leah (Just Me Leah)


    6 months already since Frodo went? Wow, that has gone quickly.

  • That’s great news about your health! I remember cutting out fizzy drinks and that wasn’t a fun process.
    Hope you get a new doggy friend in time?

  • Jeannee Waseck

    I’m really proud of you, too!!! I have pre-diabetes and I know what u r speaking of, my dear friend … do you know, I never cooked – I mean, skillet on stove, cooked – until I was 50 (just last year) when a nutrionist scared me into next Tuesday … and then after CoCo died last September, I lost my motivation and slid back into snacking (almost all healthy, sure, but – still – not meals) and grabbing stuff out, until it hit me – just cook something different that you wouldn’t share w/ CoCo (i.e. chicken and beef)! Its certainly not easy! BUT – u r doing it!!! You look fantastic!!! Trying to take charge of your health in the midst of grieving and just living life isn’t easy … very proud of you, dear Natalie!!!

  • YAY!! That’s so good to hear that you’re doing so well health wise! Getting a rescue dog when you settle in Melbourne (I say when, because I really feel that’s going to happen for you!) is going to be such a great experience for you, and for the dog. xx