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I’ve been hit with a wave of depression. It’s been a while since I’ve been down, my mental health has been pretty good as of late, but these past few days have had me pretty down. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, so I’m not sure if that is what is making me extra sooky.


I miss Melbourne, I miss the freedom I have there. I can get out and do things. My anxiety gets the better of me when it comes to Sydney public transport. I wish I could move to Melbourne tomorrow. If I had the money, I’d rent THIS place, but alas, I couldn’t afford it on my own. It’s still cheaper then trying to rent in Sydney!


It’s times like this that I miss Frodo even more. He was always my rock, I love love love Tonka, but there is a big difference between a cat and a dog. Tonka is doing his best though, and I never knew a cat could be so clingy! He’s taken to sleeping in my arms, being held/hugged, and I often wake up with him asleep ON me. I don’t know how he manages to do get positioned without waking me up! Ninja cat!


IMAGES – 1. One of my roses. 2. Yep, I caved and bought myself some new Black Milk, outfit coming up soon! 3. My man & I. 4. Tonka, sniffing my eye. This was the day after I got home from spending 2 weeks in Melbourne, he had to make sure it really was me. 5. Tonka loves cushions as much as I do. 6. Playing around with fonts.

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  • *hugs*

  • The rose is beaut and you and your fella are adorable!

  • Aww, thank you! <3

  • Big hugs!

  • Where is my mind… Pixies reference? 😛

  • Nessbow

    Sending huge hugs your way. I’m also have a bit of a depressive wave this week, and it sucks. It feels so frustrating when you’ve been doing so well for such a long time, I feel like a bit of a failure and that only makes things worse. Wishing you the best of luck and sending you strength. You’re awesome babe, and this too will pass (for both of us).

  • It is indeed! 🙂

  • Sending love. It really does feel frustrating, it feels like its one step forward, two steps back at times. I know I’m doing a hell of a lot better, but then there are times you’re just reminded how hard it can be.