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Nail love!

March 7, 2014


Up until I was around 23, I was a chronic nail biter. It was bad. I don’t remember what happened, but one day, I just stopped.  Since then, i’ve enjoyed painting my nails and playing around with nail art. I can’t really afford to get my nails done professionally, so i’ve kind of taught myself the basics.

Whilst browsing kmart the other day, I came across the new nail section and found these pots of nail glitter, along with rolls of nail foil, flocking and caviar. Being the magpie I am, I decided to pick up the fine glitter and holographic sparkles to try.


The jar comes attached to a piece of cardboard (see here) and on the back the instructions basically tell you to paint your nails with a bottom coat, dip the nail in the glitter, brush off excess, and then cover with a top coat. I decided to try the small particle glitter, as a kind of dipped/ombre effect over my Essie colour, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.


The best thing? Those little tubs were cheap! They were either $2, or $2.50. (Gees my mind has been weird & forgetful lately, too many things going on in it!) I can imagine it would last a long time too because I hardly used any with just doing the tips.

Are you a fan of nail art? What’s your fave colour to paint your nails?


  • Super pretty. I think my fave colour to do is purple. I certainly have more purple polish than anything else.

  • Love that first detail shot! I tried a solid nail color with sparkle on the tips, but I used pastels and I think it looked a bit childish on me. The charcoal with the silver looks super rad, though! I wonder too if I’d used a solid and a glitter in a similar shade like you’ve done here, if it would have looked more subtle. Like maybe a light pink with a pink or white glitter? You’ve inspired me to give it another shot!


  • So jealous. I love seeing nail art on others. My nails can be super long but it’s still TOO small in width for pretty designs.

  • Jessie Johnson

    I bit my nails until I was 20. It was such a hard habit to break and I’m still not quite sure how I did it. I’m just happy I did. Love your dipped nails! I’m going to have to try that at home. I am also obssessed with the glasses in your top photo. I have been seeing them all over lately but I don’t know where to get them. Were they a kmart find as well?

  • Nessbow

    Ooooh, so pretty! I love how these turned out. I’m a big nail polish addict, and I’ve got more shades than I know what to do with. At the moment my nails are bright yellow. My favourite shades are deep purples and reds.

  • I love deco japanese nail art. Working at a vet sucks because I can never have my nails done.

  • I have to say, the nails have held up reallly well! No cracks or peeling! The sunnies are a knock off pair, originally by Wildfox, but I picked these up online from ZeroUV ( HERE ) for like $15!

  • I went through and culled my nail polish collection the other day. I still think I have around 50 polishes 😛 I tend to have A LOT of glitters!

  • I think it would depend on the colour choices. I wanted something a little contrasting, but I thought black would be too dark, so I went with a grey. I’d say play around with colours, even swatch some on a piece of paper first and hold it against your skin to get a better idea!

  • I remember going to get acrylics once and the lady commenting that I had quite thin nails, I never really thought about it, but after looking at a lot of nail art online, I do! Though luckily still wide enough for some nail art!

  • I LOVE bright yellow nails, I have a love of bright, sometimes even fluro nails, they make me happy!

  • Aww, that would suck! But then again, i’m sure it’s worth it! You still get to have your fun coloured hair, which a lot of jobs wouldn’t let you have!

  • Me too, and they’re a bugger to remove, even using the tin foil method. Gah!

  • Nice one Nat! LOVE the sparkle.

  • Love the nails. I have been so lazy lately doing my nails, but tomorrow I’m going to make an effort and this has inspired me. 🙂