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Outfit & The Melbourne Star!

November 6, 2014

melbournestar-001Yesterday was a pretty awesome day! I met up with my friend Mallory in the morning, without too many plans for the day, & it resulted in a lot of window shopping, going on the Melbourne Star, and meeting our favourite character from The Almighty Johnsons, which was probably a show that deepened Mallory and my friendship!

It started off with a bit of a doozy, as I was walking to the bus stop, I got hit by a car! In all honesty, it was more of a ‘tap’, he was reversing out of his driveway and neither of us saw each other, but boy am I feeling it today!


With thanks to Twitter, Mallory & I managed to get to meet Shane Cortese, a New Zealand actor we both like from the show The Almighty Johnsons. We realised he was in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup and tweeted him, which ended in him agreeing to meet us! In all honesty, I never thought it would happen, but when he replied with a time and place, Mallory and I were too busy texting about if we would go and what to wear! He was super nice, and nothing like his character in TAJ, which is probably a good thing! We sat and talked and he happily took photos with us both!


After that, we were in the city and had a moment of “what should we do now?”. I had wanted to check out the local outlet centers, so we caught the train to Southern Cross and took a bit of a scenic walk to DFO. Melbourne is SO pretty, I really just love the scene scapes and all the random statues. On the walk, we passed a giant rabbit and some weird metal art piece that was slightly disturbing.


We then ended up Harbour Town, and decided to go on the Melbourne Star. It’s well known in Melbourne for not working, in fact, it sat for a few years not working! I believe it’s only been the last year it’s been open and working correctly. It was a really cool experience though. The trip takes around half an hour to go around and it has a voice over telling you all information and facts about Melbourne as well as some of the landmarks you can see. We were pretty lucky, because it was mid week, Mallory and I got a cabin all to ourselves, which was certainly the most fun! The 360° views of Melbourne were pretty amazing, though I think it could have probably been built in a more pituresque location. While the view of the city and the sea is beautiful, looking over Docklands is a bit dreary.


After some shopping, a brilliant lunch at Burger Monster & some Cold Rock, we walked back to Southern Cross Station and checked out the DFO there. Mallory and I then parted ways and headed home. I think the walking helped my injuries, but I was super glad to get home, take some pain killers and rest on the couch!!


Annnnd outfit details!

Singlet – Kmart | Jacket – Black Milk Clothing | Skirt – ASOS Curve | Stockings – c/o Sonsee | Boots – Betts

Have you been on the Melbourne Star or something like it?

  • Mallory

    Hey, I’m a tag! 🙂 Awesome photos of you I must say!

  • The Melbourne Star looks amazing, you KNOW how I feel about that jacket (!) and although I don’t know who Shane Cortese is, I think he’s absolutely awesome for being sweet and down-to-earth enough to actually reply to – and meet up with! – his fans. What a champion!

  • omg, I’m still stuck on the fact that you got HIT BY A CAR. P.S. Welcome to Melbourne! 😀 We should hang sometime.

  • Pamela-Marie Lumbroso

    Its a bit like our London Eye.Which I haven’t yet been on as the queues are horrendous.

  • kitty kaos

    I thought you were on london eye at first 🙂 i think i died of envy over your ursula jacket xx

  • Ok, so I think Netflix may be stalking us on instagram. I just noticed this morning they added TAJ season 1!! SO EXCITE!! I could only ever find like the first 3 episodes to watch online, so I’m so stoked and will probably waste the next day or two just vegging out in front of my laptop.

  • OMG the jacket! Not my style, but the fabric is awesome. When I went on the London Eye it was a dull and dreary day and we barely saw anything for mist and rain! Always so jealous when people are on similar things and can SEE for miles! Haven’t heard of that show, but how cool is that, meeting him! I’ve just finished watching Secrets & Lies with Martin Henderson…it was brilliant, as was he (don’t think I’ve seen him in anything since Shortland Street and Britney’s Toxic video)!!! I could also get hooked on this Aussie thing on the kids channel…Nowhere Boys I think it’s called, I’ve caught bits of it (a supernatural thing) and it’s good!

  • Ange

    I would be afraid to go on Melbourne Star, as awesome as it looks. I did go on one in Vienna (at Prater) when I was there earlier this year. I don’t think I’m a fan of ferris wheels, I stayed in the middle almost the entire time as that’s where I felt the least movement! However, Burger Monster is awesome, I randomly discovered it at Docklands one day, and now I always go there whenever I end up there.

  • Sounds like you’re having a blast in Melbourne!! I can’t wait to get over there! xx

  • Becky Brown

    That jacket is amazing.x

  • Thank you!! I’m so glad I got it, I love it so much!

  • I really am! Melbourne is SO amazing!!

  • I was surprised at how little movement you feel! I was a little scared at first to get close to the edge, like where I stood to get the photos, as I’m a bit scared of heights, but I found I kind of grew accoustomed to it as we went around. It went a lot longer then I expected! Burger Monster was SO good! I want to go back and try some of the other burgers!

  • I couldn’t resist the jacket, it’s hard to find stuff that fit in such awesome prints here, but I took a chance with the jacket, so glad I did!
    Oh man, that’s a bummer! I’d LOVE to go on the London Eye, but my dream since I was 12 was to go to London 😛
    The Almighty Johnsons is a New Zealand show, and isn’t all that well known. It’s very kooky, but I love it! Oh wow, I’d not heard of Martin Henderson in a while! I used to have SUCH a crush on him!! Can’t say I’ve heard of Nowhere Boys, but I know there are a lot of shows filmed here that are more filmed for international audiences.

  • OH YAY! It’s such a weird show, but I LOVE IT! I have season 1 & 2 on DVD, but still need to buy Season 3. Let me know what you think if you watch it!

  • I WISH I was on the London Eye! 😛

  • Yes! This is apparently one of three, the other being the London Eye and one in Singapore, I think. This one isn’t in a very main part of the city, so I think even on busy days it would be too packed. We went midday on a Wednesday, and as I mentioned, got a cabin all to ourselves!

  • We totally should!! I would love that!
    And yes, I know! I’m still a bit shocked! Luckily it was nothing bad, and I’m more just a little bit sore!

  • Haha, yep, you totally are a tag now!!

  • You don’t know who Shane Cortese is!? But you’ve lived in New Zealand for YEARS now 😛 Haha, it was SO nice of him to do, it was quite surreal rocking up to his hotel and him sitting and talking with us!

  • I hope you’re recovered from the accident? The views from up there are awesome. I’ve never been on the London Eye.

  • I loved Secrets & Lies and Martin Henderson is a babe. He also stars in The Red Road with my fancy man Jason Momoa. That’s a good little 6 part series too.

  • Nessbow

    I’ve always wanted to go on the Melbourne Star, but every time I’ve been there it’s been out of order. It looks like it would be so much fun.
    How lucky that you got to meet one of your idols? That’s an awesome story.

  • Kim Allen

    Hi! I have to ask how the jacket fits. I am diggin the Joker Bomber jacket but I am worried about the fit. You are rockin yours so I am tempted to hit the buy button and bite the bullet!

  • It fits good! I was really worried about it fitting me, but I decided to take a chance. It’s a bit tight when done up fully over my boobs, but it does do up, and doesn’t look bad when done up. I’m about 49″ around the boobs. I was mainly worried about the arms being too tight, but they’re alllll good! Let me know if you have any specific questions.

  • Kim Allen

    Thank you! I bit the bullet after seeing your photos in black milk and have no regrets! It is amazing and thanks to you I feel more comfortable ordering from them!