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Outfit – My Little Pony!

May 9, 2014


Life has been getting me down. I’ve been sick, stressed and that led me on a path to depression. I’ve been in a bit of a funk, so on days when I have to get up and go out, I try and dress fun, bright, and cheerful. Something that will make me feel a little better, give me a bit of a reason to smile. When life gets you down, channel a My Little Pony.


 Yes, I am wearing leggings as pants! As you should know by now, I do it quite often. I don’t care about the ‘fashion rules’, but my personal ruling is as long as my lady bits are covered, I’ll wear leggings as pants. This top is perfect for it, as it’s super oversized (this is the straight size 18).


I love My Little Ponies. I have since I was young, I used to have a huge collection of them, and still to this day have a few ponies, along with a MLP blanket. I was so excited when this top popped up on ASOS, they’ve been releasing a few MLP things lately, and the thing I love about it is that they are old school ponies! The ponies I know and grew up with, not these new long legged ones like in the image below.


*cough* Though I noticed that the ponies mouth has a bit of an unfortunate position. What has been seen, cannot be unseen!


 Top – ASOS | Leggings – Black Milk | Dr Martens – c/o Bank Fashion


  • I love the whole outfit, and yay for My Little Pony! I didn’t watch the show as a kid, but I’ve gotten into the new version and I love it so much.

  • Your outfit’s so freaking fabulous that it just made me beam all the way over here in New Zealand! How cute are you?! (Totally checking out Black Milk’s website for the first time, too… you ENABLER, you!)

  • Becky Brown

    love love love this!x

  • BEST OUTFIT EVER!!!!!!! Man I love you so much. Those leggings are so magical and I love your MLP shirt. YAY YAY YAY

  • Leah (Just Me Leah)

    This outfit wins the internet! 😀

  • This is so awesome, I laughed so much about not being able to unsee… but, seriously i wouldn’t have noticed it until you pointed it out!! gorgeous lady, gorgeous hair and effing amazing top!

  • So adorable!

  • Lauren Bradberry

    Lol, you are too cute! I have missed seeing your posts while on my sort of hiatus from blogging. Hope you’re feeling alright now! 🙂

  • Jeannee Waseck

    Natalie, I can tell this is your fave, from your face!

  • Nessbow

    You look so freakin’ adorkable!

  • Lorna

    I know that this MLP has been kind of à big big trend these Days but even Im not into that stuff I Linda think it is cute cause of the lovely Colors all pastel like and horses … Okay I dont kno why Im not à fan either !

    Cheers From Paris,

  • Looooove this so much! You look AMAZING!!!! So jealous of your MLP top! I will have to get it also hehe! I have those amazing Doc Martens which I do not wear enough! You have inspired me to get them out again!!!!! <3

  • Lou

    Oh My God. I need that top! Yay for chunky fat ponies!

  • Alana

    LOVE THIS POST! 😀 My little Pony’s have been a favourite of mine since I was a wee girl in the 80’s . 🙂 I absolutely love your Doc’s! Were they were expensive to get shipped over via the website?

  • I’m still trying to wear them in! I’d forgotten how tough they can be! I’m honestly not sure, I was sent them from the company as a gift.

  • I’ve not watched the new version, I’m a little scared. I guess I don’t like change too much.

  • Hehe, I thought you’d like this!

  • Haha, yeah, but after I saw it, I had to mention it. I can be an over sharer at times, plus I found it kinda amusing!!

  • Stina Schulstad

    Oh I just love the tshirt! 😀 Wish I could have one 🙁 but they were all out on ASOS.. #cryinginpain.. Do you have any other tip on where I can get one or something close to it? xoxo, Legosmurf <3