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Outfit – Rainbow

January 18, 2014


I actually wasn’t sure if I was going to post these outfit pictures at first. I decided I really hated my hair styled to the side like that, but then I realised, it’s probably my PMS stricken brain & I don’t look too bad. But not to the future Natalie, don’t wear your hair like that again. (I’m sure we all have days when we wear something and then later re-look at ourselves and think, hmm, maybe I should do/ wear something different)


Anywho, I love this dress! I got it for Christmas off my parents. I was out shopping with my Mother one day, and came across this rainbow maxi, in Rockmans of all places. On the sale racks, I looked through the sizes and they had a size 18. I grabbed it and rushed off to the change rooms. Rockmans is one of the straight sized stores that I can sometimes fit into, and I wanted to dance around when this slipped on perfectly.


The brilliant thing about this dress? It was originally $100, but was on the sale rack for $35, which I thought was a major bargain. When we got to the register, it scanned up as $15! Yes-sir-ee, $15!


Dress – Rockmans | Shoes – Wanted | Hair Flowers – Best & Less


Do you own any rainbow items of clothing?

  • There’s the happy Nat I’ve missed! Love this outfit. The colours and flow of the dress are so great and I LOVE that smile.

  • Rachel T

    Wow this is gorgeous! You look so girly and happy. I actually don’t have any rainbow clothing… Maybe something I should change!

  • The dress is fab-u-lous! Your hair looks super cute like that and there are those shoes I love again too! I bin outfit photos all the time as I don’t like my hair, or even if a necklace is really off centre, because that bugs the hell out of me.

  • Becky Brown

    Stunning dress and i think your hair is cute.x

  • Nessbow

    I think your hair looks gorgeous! I am totally smitten with the colour and print of that dress. So pretty!

  • You definitely suit your hair like that, but I understand, I get hung up on certain things that I think are ugly on me but others thing it looks great. Humans, all crazy!
    I love rainbow so, so much. I can’t resist the rainbow styles Black Milk often come out with. Fabulous!

  • Olivia

    You look gorgeous Nat- and not just on the outside! I’m happy you posted these- rainbow is definitely your colour! xx

  • It’s so awesome when you find something you like and look great in for such a steal! And the colors are so prefectly summery too! <3

  • Before I’d even read any of this I though ‘oh wow, Nat’s hair looks so great!’ Love this whole look!

  • Angie S

    That dress could very well be the best dress I have ever seen, I don’t think I will ever forget it!

  • I have a dress with really saturated rainbow colors in a tropical flower print, maybe with the exception of orange. It’s bright and wild, and I love it. Your dress here is more of a pastel rainbow, and I am totally jealous. It looks springy and bright without looking like Easter decorations, and it’s not so in-your-face as to look like a clown costume. I think it’s the perfect balance of fun and wearable. The flower hair clip tops it off perfectly. And for $15? Can’t beat that!