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Outfit – SLOTH!

January 10, 2014


 You probably know by now that i’m a Black Milk lover. I just adore that shiny pretty nylon. I have a rather long wishlist, and in one of their recent sales I took the opportunity to nom something that had been on my list for awhile.


I was dubious about buying the Sloth swimsuit. I have a size L swimsuit which I picked up at a sample sale and it’s a little small, but with the expansion to include XL and LT XL, I thought I’d bite the bullet.


I was a little worried it would stretch too much, and that as I’d planned to wear it with skirts, the sloth would look like a little creeper peeking out from my skirt. Well, he does, but he also looks so darned cute doing it. blackmilksloth-05

This skirt is something that’s been on my wishlist for ages. I’d been eyeing the black one, but at full price ($160!) I couldn’t afford it. I saved it to my ‘watch list’, along with the blue one, and waited. After Christmas it moved to the sale section, and bam! The blue one dropped down to just below $50!blackmilksloth-06

No make up! I’ve hardly been wearing any make up lately, my skin has just not been too happy, so if I have been, its usually only mascara and lipgloss. I’m really tempted to get eyelash extensions though. blackmilksloth-07

Swimsuit – Black Milk | Skirt – ASOS Curve | Shoes – Betts | Necklace – Sportsgirl
I don’t remember where I got the hairclip from, sorry!




  • Nessbow

    That hairclip is fantastic. And your skin looks pretty in these pictures, really glowing and gorgeous.

  • You look fantastic. I am way too sky to buy something so tight, but you make me want to try because it look so rad on you.

  • Super cute! Sloths are awesome.

  • Ahh, he’s so cute! How anyone could not love sloths (my friend thinks they’re creepy!) I don’t know! 😀 Your skin looks lovely in those photos, I would never guess it wasn’t happy at all & I wish I could get away with so little, you are a true natural beauty 🙂

  • Love this outfit. I looove sloths. Also cute bone clip too. :]

  • Trees

    I love this outfit! The sloth is just so cute and the bone clip is awesome 😉

  • haha, I love it! Sloths sort of fascinate and creep me out in equal measures! Very unusual to find on an article of clothing though. Love the bone clip and your skin looks great without makeup! Mine tends to flare up when I don’t wear makeup-just to be twice as annoying to me!

  • Sloths are a bit like that! I love them, but they are weeeird!

  • Thank you!

  • Sloths are awesome! 🙂

  • I love Sloths, but I can understand why some people find them a bit weird. I just think they are adorable though!

  • <3 <3

  • Oh pfft, you could totally rock an outfit like this!

  • Eh, its just a trick of the lighting 😛

  • <3!!! The sloth looks super duper cute! I can't believe I never thought to wear their swimsuits as tops! They have such cute prints that I wish they made to tops, but DUH swimsuits work just as well!