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Outfit – Zen!

March 3, 2014


 Just a quick outfit post. I got Mum to snap these pictures in the parking lot before I headed off to the Doctors today. Can you tell I really have fallen in love with Black Milk lately? I picked these up on the FB Sale page for $30. I love the colours in them, and if you look closely, you can make out that they’re covered in fish!

bm02Top – Big W | Leggings – Black Milk | Cardi – I don’t remember, but it’s old | Boots – Betts


  • Love that outfit, matches all so nicely 🙂

  • Sarah Collins

    It kinda looks like youre standing next to a giant hehe 🙂 Seriously though, I wish I could squeeze my bum into Black Milk cause those leggings are so cute

  • Those leggings and boots are too cute.

  • Louise P

    Those leggings are amazing!

  • I love this outfit. You look so adorable. $30 Black Milk leggings? That’s crazy.

  • theplussideofme

    ooohh! Puppy! Such cool leggings too. It really would take looking at them for a little to see the fish.

  • Gillian D

    Did no one notice the matching dipped tips?! Looks like you’re going back to the colourful side! Looks great!