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Aussie Curves – Swimwear

January 16, 2015


Wowza! It’s only halfway through January and already i’m really pushing through some of my personal body issues. I’ve been on like body love/acceptance journey for years, but I still have some insecurities. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, but you know what, I’m okay with that.

This is my first Aussie Curves post for the year, i’ve been really slack with it lately, and I really should have jumped back in last week. I mean, I have over 100 pairs of shoes, I’m sure I could have chosen one pair to showcase! Anyway, this weeks theme is Swimwear, so here you go, my first  adult bikini!


Can you believe that this is from Kmart!? Yep! When I heard that they had stocked a plus size bikini set, I ran along to try it out! I have LOVED the ‘fatkini’ trend, and I’m currently going GAGA over Gabi Fresh’s current Swimsuits For All, but I don’t go to the beach/pools enough and I wasn’t sure how confident i’d feel in a bikini. I could never quite commit to spending that much on something I was a bit unsure of, so when I tried these on, I decided to get them. The set cost me $27!


I would have loved if these had a higher waist. I’m honestly not used to showing off my belly so much, but I also figured with this set, I could always invest in just a high waist bottom to match the bikini top!  Oh! The straps are also removable!


So here I am in all my swimwear glory! Lumps, bumps, belly, stretch marks & clothing lines from the pants I had been wearing! All me!


Bikini Top (Size 18c) $12 | Bikini Bottom (Size 20) $15 | IN STORE at Kmart!


  • Very nice! You found one that isn’t super high waisted!! Not that I don;t have the feels for them as well, but lower rise are near impossible to find! It looks like it fits like a dream!

    I have my eye on a black one piece from F21, that have a little cut out below the sternum with some gold pieces.

  • Chel Pablo

    You are very very cute, Natatree. <3 And I LOVE that you featured a regular-waisted bikini. 🙂


  • Over 100 pairs of shoes?!? Wow! That is alot! Dont you feel bad for thise pairs that rarely get worn? Lol I do!
    You look great chick! Confidence is a great outfit! And hopefully its contagious!

  • You look awesome go rock that bikini xxx

  • Yaaaaaaaaay, you look so cute! I totally need to get on the bikini/fatkini thing.

  • amandagorton

    you look fantastic! great choice

  • I love this on you! The colours are so you. You look fab!!

  • Love the fact it isn’t super high waisted, and you’re right, you can easily find high waisted bottoms to wear with this if you’re inclined 😀 x

  • SpijkerKat

    you look gorgeous! love these colours on you, and even though i didnt blog one this week, i’m a huge fan of the lower rise bikini!

  • Steph J

    I have this set too!! Although mine fits slightly higher waisted thank goodness. As I’m not quite ready to show off my belly button yet 🙂 Kmart is the best! And you’re right its super easy to mix and match the top with other bottoms. I have some pink ones from Sorella swim that I wear with the Kmart top as the Sorella top I got is too small. And I have some cheap plain black ones from asos which will also work. You look awesome and I love that your hair matches the kini! So cute.

  • Rai

    You look beautiful! I might be going on holiday this year and though I don’t think I’ll be anywhere NEAR confident enough to wear a bikini (I’ve never worn one in my life) I might try a fitted swimsuit instead of the surf shorts-and-top combo I normally go for which is a step in the right direction for me :p xx

  • flashionaffair

    Ah I have not seen these in kmart yet! I need that top if it comes in my size! You look great hun! love the colours!

  • Very cute! Nice writing, too. Very relatable x

  • Becky Brown

    looking hot hot hot

  • Aw, thank you! xo

  • Thanks!

  • Oh! They’ve been out here awhile, maybe check out a few while your here? They are awesome!

  • You should fully try just a normal costume. It is all just baby steps. I’m not sure how I’d go rocking this at the beach or the pools yet, but I now just wear a swimming costume without board shorts or that! Baby steps!

  • I think if I had sized up with the bottoms they would have been a bit higher waisted, but I also do have a rather large ‘apron of fat’ for it to sit over, which makes it not as high waisted. I also didn’t want to go too big that they’d fal off if I was doing some strong swimming. Yes, I thought with all the colours on the top, I could easily mix and match bottoms, I already have like a black swim skirt that would go well with it. And thank you! xo

  • I love the high waisted ones, I just haven’t found one in my budget! I think i’d feel a look more confident in them.

  • Yes! I do love a matching bikini, but with the colours in the top I figured there are many options I could choose with bottoms! I already have a black swim skirt I could use with it!

  • Thank you sweety!

  • Thank you!

  • Awww, thank you! And yes, you do!!

  • Hee, thanks sweety!

  • Yeeeah, I have a lot, I really need to cull! I have a few that are kind of ‘investment’ shoes, I dunno, in some ways I see shoes as works of art! 😛

  • Aw thank you!

  • I was thinking that when I tried it on! I do love the high waisted ones, but it was so nice to see just a normal bikini in plus sizes, and in kmart of allll places! It was such a refreshing scene!

  • Theres nothing wrong with that! Unless of course you dont have room for them all! They totally are works if art!

  • Steph J

    I found the bottoms quite small fitting also. So I get what you’re saying. I brought the size 20. Which at first I was a bit weird about. But they are my favourite togs I don’t care what the size is! Good on you for taking baby steps to fatkini confidence! The first time I wore one was at a quiet bay in the late evening. Then worked up to day time wear!

  • You CUTIE! I’m loving these photos, and i’m so super envious you found one of the Kmart ones in your size! They are SUPER ADORABLE!! <3

  • Nessbow

    You look awesome! And how great is Kmart’s plus-size range? Mum bought her first two-piece in twenty years there before her holiday last month and loved it.