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I got a tattoo!

February 16, 2015


Yep! I can now cross that off my Bucket List! I’ve always loved tattoos, I actually designed the first one I wanted when I was in Year 6, but I’ve always been scared. Despite having numerous piercings, I’m scared of needles, so I’ve just always put off having a tattoo.

After Frodo passed away, I was determined to get a memorial tattoo. I have an artist picked out (Clare) & a spot (thigh), I only have to save. However, being a tattoo virgin, I wanted to get something small first to see how I dealt with the pain before going and getting something larger.

Whilst scrolling Instagram the other day, an artist I follow TimothyΒ (he does some amazing line work & mandalas) posted how the studio he’s at was doing a Friday the 13th Flash Day. When I saw the origami like animals & dinosaurs, I knew I found that ‘something small’ trial tattoo.Β I had a hard time trying to decide which one to get. The owl? The Unicorn? Which dinosaur? I love pterodactyls, but I thought that one looked a bit too much like a paper crane. I already have a dream owl tattoo I want to get and I don’t need 2 owl tattoos. The Unicorn, well, Stacey pointed out if you get a unicorn tattoo it should be epic and majestic.

So, the T-Rex it was! On the back of my neck (if you can’t tell), so I didn’t have to watch it being done. It hardly took any time (around 10-15 minutes) & yes, it did hurt. The top more so, probably cause it was closer to bone. As soon as it’s done though, it’s not very noticeable. Now, a few days on, it’s still healing and gets slightly itchy at times. Oh, and his name is Wash.


My friend Stacey came along with me, and got a tattoo of her own. We had a 2 our wait, so went and got our nails done! Not only did I pop my tattoo cherry, I got a shellac manicure for the first time! In fact, I loved the colour Stacey chose that I totally copied her. We now have matching BRIGHT pink nails!blog-tattoo-004Β And matching bright pink lipstick! Please excuse my whites on the washing line πŸ˜›

Do you have a tattoo? Do you want one?

  • Wash?! Like “curse your sudden, yet, inevitable betrayal”?!! πŸ˜€

    Awesome!! much fun!

  • flashionaffair

    It is so cute i love it! Ah I want tatoos so badly but never commit to them haha. I have a tatoo parlour on my street and walk past it twice a day, one day I will get something!

  • aww, it’s a super cute tattoo – love it, and his name too! I’m digging the shellac pink too x

  • Sabrina Rujanoski

    Clare is the best! i have a couple of tattoos by her and i always get comments on them. Her work is 100% perf

  • Nessbow

    I’m so excited for you! That’s awesome that you got something so unique and you’ve taken the first step towards getting your fabulous Frodo tattoo. Go Nat!

  • lovely!

  • I don’t have a tattoo. I couldn’t commit to something for life. My son just got one though. He posted it on facebook and I thought he’d just done it with photoshop and was pranking so he put up photos of it being done. It’s from the Simpsons which makes sense because he’s loved that show for most of his life.

  • That’s so adorable!

  • I love it so much! I have been planning a dino tattoo for awhile now and I have so many design ideas. Origami was just added to my list so it’ll take that much longer for me to decide. Haha! πŸ™‚
    I have 3 tattoos already. I have a Lizard on my lower back. I was 18 and everyone was getting a tramp stamp so I did too. All the other girls were getting butterflies and I kinda don’t like them (real ones, yes, they are lovely. But butterfly art is not my cup of tea at all) so I picked out the most boyish design they had. It’s ripping through my skin. Not literally. It’s drawn to look like it it ripping out of me. I can’t see it so I almost never think about it. I honestly don’t really remember what color it is. How bad is that?
    My other 2 tattoo are large fish on my lower leg. I have plans to have my whole left leg covered in marine life. I just love the water so much and I believe I have told you about my obsession with mermaids πŸ™‚ My fish are bright and colorful. One is purple and blue. One is Red, Orange and Yellow. My friends call them my ugly fish and my pretty fish. The reason is that my blue fish’s face is a bit of a weird design. I still love him though.
    My blue fish is name Logan because I got pregnant with my son Logan right after I got the tattoo. My Red Fish is named Lissa after my cousin because I skipped her wedding and used the money I would have used to pay to get to the wedding to get my tattoo… I made a lot of dumb, selfish decisions when I was younger. Not proud but it happened.
    My lizard doesn’t really have a name but I always say it’s my daughter’s tattoo. I actually got it almost 5 years befor she was even born but when she was little and learning to walk, she would stand at the back of my office chair. Then she would lift up the back of my shirt and rest her head in the small of my back and suck her thumb while I was checking e-mails. I don’t remember how she discovered I had the tattoo but she always wanted to look at it. So now, even though I can’t remember what color my lizard is, He is sort of my favorite because it makes me think of her.

  • What a fun day with your gal pal – manis and tattoos! I went to get my first tattoo with a friend when we turned 18. I got my tattoo, and all went well. Then it was her turn, and she chickened out! lol I think the origami dino is adorable and really suits your personality! Getting it done with a friend probably made it ever more memorable and special, too.

    <3 Liz

  • So cute!

  • That is such a great tattoo! I love the placement too.


  • Pamela-Marie Lumbroso

    Yes I have tattoos, one on my left forearm and a sleeve that is a work in progress on my right lower arm. But i didn’t start getting them until I was over 50! I love my sleeve and can’t wait until its finished. My artist is wonderful and knows how to translate just what I want. He also uses a new kind of machine for the colouring that doesn’t seem to hurt so much. Though I must admit my last piece took all day and the last 30 mins was @*&%$Β£ painful. Still, I have had 4 children by natural child birth so it wasn’t that bad!

  • Louise P

    That is such a cute tattoo!! Definitely an epic one for your first! πŸ™‚

  • It’s so awesome! Your nails are super cute .. love the color!

    I wanted to get a memorial tattoo for my pup but it seems like such a huge thing for a tattoo virgin. Did you think the pain was going to be too much and you had to stop? That is one of my worries!


  • Nope, it wasn’t exactly how I was expecting. That being said, it only took 15 minutes and was just line work. I’m kind of hoping I can do my Frodo memorial in 2 sittings, the line work, then the colour. I also think the thigh (where I want my memorial) won’t be as bad, the top area of this was a bit more intense as it was closer to bone. I’m glad I got this one, cause now I know I can totally do the memorial one.

  • Thank you! πŸ˜€

  • I’m a bit of a late tattoo bloomer for my family. Both my brother and sister have numerous, and even 2 of my nieces have them! I kind of imagine child birth is much more painful πŸ˜›

  • Thank you! One of the reasons why I did the back of the neck area was so I wouldn’t see what he was doing. πŸ˜›

  • Thank you!

  • I was a bit worried I’d chicken out, but I didn’t it! I went first, which was probably a good idea. It was a really great day!

  • DING DING DING! Correct!

  • I’ve always been such a fan. I kind of had a bit of a “yolo” moment and really want a Frodo memorial, so this was the first step. So glad I did it, and I love my little dino! <3

  • Thank you sweety!

  • Yes! As soon as I saw her work, I knew that’s who I wanted to do my Frodo memorial. It’s such a great mix of portrait and cartoon.

  • Yes! I am now so excited about the Frodo tattoo, just have to win the lottery πŸ˜›

  • Thank you!

  • I can understand that, they are very permanent. Even with all the tattoo removal places opening up, it would be so expensive to remove. My brother came back from holidays with a tattoo and told my Mum it was just a fake one, except Mum noticed it later and it hadn’t faded πŸ˜›

  • Thank you!

  • I had a hard time trying to decide which dinosaur tattoo I wanted. Oh, I love the idea of a marine leg piece, that would be amazing. I love how they all have stories and they all mean so much to you.

  • I really like this and congrats on joining the tattoo community. πŸ™‚ I have 7, myself, and am currently saving for #8!

  • Stefanie

    I love it, it’s so cute! I have one currently (that needs covering) and want a lot more but like you said it’s a matter of finances. Now I’m working it should be easier but there are other things I need to save for first – a new computer mainly! I also finally managed to persuade my 54 year old mum to get one and she’s decided she’s going to get two in one go, one on each shoulder πŸ˜€

  • Steph J

    SO cool!! It suits you perfectly. I really want one like that now! I am also a tattoo virgin. Despite my bf having a 1/2 sleeve and a few others. I’m a bit like you, can’t decide what to get, am scared it will hurt, and I am very bad at saving. I think I’m going to add a tattoo to my new years resolution list for this year. I bet you’re going to addicted to tattoos now. I heard once you have 1 you can’t stop.

  • Oh I love him!!

  • Oh Yay!!!! Congrats on the new tattoo! How exciting πŸ™‚ Looks great. J xx