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My 2016 Plus Size Christmas Style

December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Seasons Greetings everyone!! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful time. I know this time of year can be hard for many people, but hopefully, you are pulling through. 2016 has been a bit of a bitch, that’s true, but in not too long 2017 will be here and it WILL be a better year.

Christmas Outfit ft flowers and dogs

Now this isn’t what I wore on Christmas day. Christmas day was way too hot to be any kind of fashionable. It was 36°c and we don’t have air con. We had a couple of friends over for lunch and had a pretty chill day. Though it was by no means cold, gosh I miss air conditioning.

Christmas Outfit ft flowers and dogs

I wore this on Boxing Day to go out to dinner in! I actually wore this skirt out shopping last week and I got stopped by 6 people. It’s certainly a skirt that draws attention. I picked it up in the after Christmas sales last year and have been waiting all year to finally wear it. Last week I paired it with a plain black top and boots, but I thought this Boohoo top gave it an even more Christmas-y feel.

Christmas Outfit ft flowers and dogs

Dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs! How cute are they all in their Christmas outfits!? I’m not sure I could pick a favourite. Sorry about the wrinkles in the outfit! I took these photos after I got back from dinner. Luckily it wasn’t as hot but it was more humid, hence the crazy hair!

Christmas Outfit ft flowers and dogs

Shirt – Boohoo || Skirt – ModCloth || Shoes – Kmart || Flowers (in hair) – Kmart

Christmas make up.

I used the background blur feature on my phone, only it blurred out the lower part of my face! I thought I’d share the pic anyway because I wanted to show off my make up!

What did you get up to for Christmas?

  • Louise P

    Such a cute outfit! The top and skirt go so well together, and I’m still loving your hair. I can’t imagine what Christmas is like in 36’C heat, but I know I wouldn’t want to do anything but swim or lie under a fan without moving. And I never look as stylish as you in the heat! I’m jealous! Haha! How do you do it?

    It rained here on Christmas Day but it was one of the warmest December days in decades at about 14’C. (Frosty again now, though). I just had a quiet Christmas at home with my immediate family, and the dog, eating delicious food, watching a few movies, and having fun dressing Rosie up for Christmas. Hope yours was a lovely one and you have a great new year! xx

  • Love that skirt, so adorable! I had a really relaxed Christmas at home with my husband. 🙂

  • That Christmas skirt is perfection!

  • Thank you!!

  • That sounds like a lovely Christmas!

  • Oh man, the heat was THE WORST! I’ve always had air conditioning until I moved to Melbourne, and those really hot days just kill me. It was even harder cause we roasted a chicken and turkey, so the added heat of the oven, I was melting! I didn’t look nearly this good on Christmas day, this was boxing day when it was a little bit cooler.
    That sounds like a great Christmas, and I’d take 14degrees anyday! Though I don’t know how good I’d go with really cold temps, we don’t drop much below 2 here.

  • V pretty makeup and I love that skirt fabric, gorgeous!