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Anatolian Shepherd Champion Show 2016

November 7, 2016

It’s that time of year when the Anatolian Shepherd dog show rolls around. This was my 3rd year and 4th show attended & I’m more in love with these dogs than ever. It’s been amazing getting to know the dogs & their owners and to see the community grow.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

There were lots of new dogs this year and many familiar faces. It was interesting to see some of the more recent litters and their temperaments. So many of the younger dogs were so friendly and wanting of attention, be it human or other dogs. I’m not saying the older Anatolians aren’t that way, but I guess they are more set in their way.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

I’ve never really been around younger Anatolians though, and from what I’ve read & know of the breed, they are the years when you really have to shape them into the dog you want them to be. Socialise them heavily if you want them to be a pet, or get them used to animals if they are to be guardians. It was just strange walking past so many dogs who were all “Pat me, pay me attention“.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016 Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

This is the beautiful Zazu, who you may remember that I got to show last year. He’s grown even more and is as handsome as ever. I’m so excited because he’s going to a new home and I just know he’s going to love it there. Sadly this year there has been several tragic losses of some beautiful dogs who are so very much missed.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016
Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

I got to babysit and show Dragon, who I also babysat with Zazu early last year. She is such a gorgeous girl and I admit to having such a soft spot for her. I love that even though I can’t have a dog right now, I still have the opportunity to go to events and form bonds with these amazing dogs.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

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If you could own ANY animal, what would it be?

  • Such awesome dogs! So big!
    I always wanted a lynx 🙂 I love their pointing ears – and you know, they’re cats so 😀

  • Louise P

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last show; it doesn’t feel that long ago that I was reading your blog post! Anatolians really are such beautiful dogs. Can I take them all home please?

    I’ve always wanted an African pygmy hedgehog, a Siamese cat, about 20 different breeds of rabbit, and quite a few different dog breeds. Oh, and a pet tapir. I’d love to have a house/farm/zoo full of animals. xx

  • They are big, there are a couple who if they stood up would be my height, possibly taller 😛
    Lynx are SO cute! I was watching a doco about cats the other day and they were talking about the lynx, I love the Canadian Lynx!

  • I know! Time flies! I would take them home too if I could, believe me!
    OMG how cute are African pygmy hedgehogs! We don’t have hedgehogs in Australia and whenever I see videos of them I just squeeeee! Siamese are beautiful, my Tonka is a tonkinese, so he’s half! I’ve had many bunnies over my life, I adore them, all of mine have been rather small, but I’d love to have a flemish giant one day! Oh and I hear you with dogs. I love Anatolians, obviously, but growing up I’ve wanted a Great Dane, Old English Sheepdog and St Bernard. Notice a pattern? Sadly, I wouldn’t get any of those breeds now I’ve done more research, maybe a St Bernard. I also do love little dogs. Cavalier King Charles hold a place in my heart due to my Mums dogs, but I know how expensive they can be with health problems. Tapirs are AWESOME! So many people don’t even know what a tapir is, which I think is sad, I think the half black/half white ones are especially cute! And yeah, I hear you! I’d love to just have some land to have animals!

  • Nessbow

    They are seriously gorgeous creatures. How lucky they are to have you as their babysitter!

    I would love to own a dachshund one day. They just bring the biggest smile to my face.

  • Cate Lawrence

    so interesting! what lovely dogs 😀