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Outfit – Star Wars and Lace!

December 2, 2016

So, I’m doing something a little crazy in the blogging world. I’m wearing the same skirt two outfit posts in a row! The truth is, wearing the same item a few days in a row isn’t a bad thing. Being an outfit repeater is totally normal. When you love something, wear it!

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

Big W has been a big problem lately, taking my money! They keep releasing these amazing crop tops and I just can’t seem to resist them. I have a Barbie one, a Ghostbusters one, and now this Star Wars one. I’m also eyeing a Peter Pan one they have.

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

Honestly, Peter Pan means SO much more to me than Star Wars, I adore Star Wars, but Peter Pan holds a lot of meaning. Thing is, this top was just too beautiful to resist. I’m LOVING grey at the moment, and then with the floral print, isn’t it perfect!? I was considering pairing this outfit with my Irregular Choice Star Wars shoes, but I love them so much I’m too scared to wear them.

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

I tried one last time to get my hair silver/grey and now I am officially giving up. This is as grey as it got and it’s more purple. Purple enough it blends well enough with my extensions. I’m considering going red next, it’s been around 7 years since I’ve had red hair. What do you think?

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

Let’s talk about this long cardigan, I get so many vibes from it. Its a bit Vintage, a bit Hippy, a bit 90s, but SO very comfortable. In fact, this is one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve worn in ages, which is kind of surprising considering it’s a crop top and body con skirt!

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

Long Cardigan – BeMe (S/M) || Crop Top – Big W (2xl) || Skirt – BeMe (20) || Shoes – Kmart

Plus Size Star Wars crop top - XLasLife

What do you feel most comfortable in?

  • Louise P

    I love the skirt, and I’m loving your hair colour. It looks really pretty, even if it wasn’t quite what you were aiming for. xx

  • Nessbow

    You are the purdiest. I love the idea of you going back to red hair. I say go for red and green! Christmas hair!

    At the moment the thing I’m feeling comfiest in is slip dresses. I got a new one from the op shop a few months ago, and it’s floaty and light and cool and wonderful. It’s the first thing I throw on after work each night.

  • Trees

    I don’t know what Big W is but I’m disappointed we don’t have it! I love this feminine Star Wars top – I feel most comfortable in dresses, probably shift dress or stretch jersey dresses (secret pajamas). Your hair is cute!

  • Thank you! I’m surprised at how well it’s holding actually, I’m impressed with the dye. I think if my hair had been white it would have been perfect!

  • Aw, thank you! <3 Yes! Red will be different! I dunno if I could go red and green, may be a bit too Christmas-y for me! 😛
    Slip dresses are great! I used to wear petticoats all the time in high school, so comfy!

  • Big W is a chain store that stocks all sorts of things, kind of like Target. Stretch jersey dresses are SO comfy and they totally are secret pajamas!