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Ashley Graham’s spy cozzy for Swimsuitsforall!

January 4, 2017

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fantastic time and stayed safe. I didn’t get up to much, just stayed on the couch working on updating this layout. Which brings us to the first post of 2017! Yes! It’s another swimsuit post! We’ve started getting some really warm days and i’ve been dreaming of pools and beaches!

Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Spy Swimsuit

Swimsuitsforall have been on my radar for years now. I’ve loved all the collabs they’ve done with Gabi Fresh and when they reached out to me to see if i’d be interested in one of their suits, I jumped at the chance. Deciding on just one suit was the hard part. I kept being drawn back to the Ashley Graham collection.

Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Spy Swimsuit

The suit is a little daring, but a whole lot of sexy. I admit, I was a little worried before it arrived that i’d look too much like a trussed up ham, but once I put it on, it was love! I think one of the things that drew me to this is that I could see myself wearing it as a bodysuit with a skirt/pants. So it could be used as more than a swimsuit.

SIZING: I want to touch on sizing a little. When you order from US stores you have to remember that their sizing is different. I’m a US18 and that is the sizing I ordered. On the body, this fit is great, but would be too tight if you had much bigger boobs. I’d size up if you’re bigger than a small C-cup. The arm hole, however, is tight. I do have large flabby arms but it does dig in. Not enough that it’s uncomfortable, but it is noticeable.

Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Spy Swimsuit

 Ashley Graham x Swimsuitsforall Spy Swimsuit in size 18 (*gifted*)

You can also see the ever so gorgeous Kobi rocking the same suit over on her Instagram.
Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Spy Swimsuit

Photos by the super awesome PurpleNebula.

Do you prefer a one piece or bikini when you hit up the beach?

  • Nessbow

    Holy shitballs you look incredible! I can absolutely see you rocking this with a skirt over the top and some smashing jewellery. Your T Rex necklace would look fantastic, I believe.

  • You look so gorgeous in this suit, and i’m stoked that we can be twinsies!! I 100% agree with the sizing notes: my boobs get a bit squished and the arm holes is not *uncomfortable* but noticeable tight. And also the selling point for me was the bodysuit aspect – for sure!! Thank you for linking my IG! <3 xx

  • PS these photos look like they were taking on set – they are soooooo good!! <3

  • Yes! Now I have to try that on!

  • Thank you! When I saw you had the same suit I just had to link, I love seeing how the same thing looks on different people! It looks so good on you!

  • Thank you! I have a brilliant photographer! It was quite windy out, so much so it blew one of his lighting umbrellas inside out! 😛

  • Oh my gosh Nat, you look absolutely sensational in this, no wonder you are grinning from ear to ear! Like a gothic mermaid. It suits you down to the ground and I love the beach setting, it’s like it’s straight out a magazine!