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Outfit – When life gives you lemons, wear them!

January 10, 2017

If you follow me on social media, you may remember me going on about this dress aaaages ago. I found it online at Crossroads and just loved the print. I love a good lemon tree/ orange tree/ palm leaf print. By the time I finally left the house to go into a store to try it on, I was worried there wouldn’t be any left. I was lucky and they had the dress in my size, as well as a top in the matching print, so I put them on layby!

Plus Size Outfit - Crossroads Lemon Print Dress

That was over a month ago, in fact, that was last year! I finally got the layby out last week and wore the dress out yesterday when I went and saw Moana at the movies. Oh, you should totally go and see Moana, it was amazing and made me want to head back to Aitutaki.

Plus Size Outfit - Crossroads Lemon Print Dress

Dress – Crossroads (Size 22) || Shoes – Kmart

Plus Size Outfit - Crossroads Lemon Print Dress

I’m also trying to be more comfortable showing off my arms. I admit, my upper arms are an area I’m still quite insecure about. I will often throw on a light cardigan or that but not anymore. No one gave me a second look though, no one but me cared about my arms. Sometimes I think you can be your own worst enemy. So here is to me, rocking my flabby arms in public more!

Do you love a good fruit print? Any in particular?

  • Nessbow

    Ooooh, you know what? I’ve not really thought much about fruit prints at all. I am actually quite partial to the traditional rockabilly cherry print. And I have an apple-print scarf that is all kinds of cute.

    I really adore this dress on you. You look so summery and lovely.

  • Darnielle Sarjant

    I totally get you on having your upper arms on display. Having started the journey towards becoming a derby girl, I am also going to have to become more comfortable with showing my upper arms too because the uniform for my local team are singlets.

    As for fruit print, cherry is classic, but after seeing this on you, I’m a big fan of citrus prints too! Because avocado is considered a fruit, I would totally wear an avocado dress. Haha.

  • Cate Lawrence

    what a beautiful dress! I bought a lemon print one a few years ago for Dorothy Perkins but it was just too short (even with leggings it looked out of proportion). This is stunning on you!

  • Louise P

    Gorgeous dress. It looks amazing on you! I’m still super self-conscious of my arms and hate baring them in public, too. Even when it’s 30+ degrees and I’m roasting, I rarely find the guts to uncover them and let myself suffer… it sounds ridiculous now I’m reading that back. I really need to keep working on it. xx

  • I love any fruit prints and that dress rocks! I’m not big on showing my arms. It’s kinda weird but I wear cap sleeves but won’t wear anything sleeveless and the cap sleeves cover what… and extra couple of cms of flesh!

  • Thank you! It certainly makes me feel summery! Yes, I used to LOVE cherry print back in the day! Oh, now I want to see your apple print scarf!

  • Ohh, congrats on starting the journey to derby! I got back into skating a bit last year and it was so much fun!
    I really want an avocado dress now! I wonder if there are any avo print things! *runs off to search*

  • Thanks so much Cate! Oh, thats sad that it was too short, I haven’t bought anything from Dorothy Perkins for ages, I’m glad they’ve extended their size range though.

  • Yep, I am the same, it’s weird how you just get stuck in your ways, the world doesn’t end when I show my arms, but I certainly feel like it may before I leave the house!

  • Brains work so weird, don’t they? I’m the same! It’s like even the minimal amount of sleeve is still sleeve 😛

  • That’s really pretty, like the neckline. I love a fruity print too, so bright and colourful and fun. My Mum and sister went to Moana and loved it, I’m waiting for the dvd as I struggle to sit at the cinema and don’t get out much these days.