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Where to eat in Ballarat – Meigas – The best Tapas I’ve ever had!

March 6, 2017 Everyday Food Travel

When my BFF and I found out that Ballarat was hosting it’s own White Night (more on that later), we decided to head out country for the night and experience what Ballarat had to offer. We booked an Air BnB and asked the host where they would recommend to eat. We decided on Meigas, a Spanish Resturant with some outstanding looking Tapas.

Meigas Ballarat

We chose the ‘Feed Me’ option, which basically meant they would keep bringing out plates until you told them to stop. I didn’t take pictures of all the dishes, these are only a handful of, gees, around 13 or 14. We got to a point where we were SO full, we had to stop them bringing dishes & had the last one, which was dessert.

Meigas Ballarat

When you order, they ask if there is anything we wouldn’t eat or dietary requirements. We said we’d try anything, and that I couldn’t eat nuts, which thankfully was only in one dish. They were really good about that, which I loved.

Meigas Ballarat

I don’t know what all of the dishes were called, but we had a mixed meats/cheese board, calamari with the softest most amazing batter. Chorizo, mushrooms in garlic, prawns, and the crazy padron peppers. Pork, spicy potato chunks, and what I think was beef cheeks in the most delicious mash. I know i’ve missed a couple of dished from that list too. Dessert was Churros with chocolate sauce, alongside peaches and ice cream.

Meigas Ballarat

To be honest, i’m already trying to figure out when I can plan to visit Ballarat next, just to visit Meigas again! I also tried Sangria for the first time and quite enjoyed it! Now, the thing that got me, was the price. The feed me option is $50pp, which is SO cheap for everything we were served. All up, including a jug for 2 of sangria, and a coke, it was $120 (then we threw on a tip).

I was impressed with the service, we booked way in advance, as we figured that it would book up due to White Night. I was a little concerned we might get rushed for the table, but the meals came out pretty steadily and we weren’t pressured to move. We did actually turn up over half an hour early, and they still managed to accommodate us. Oh, and all the staff were gorgeous and so very friendly. I kind of just wanted to befriend them all.

Meigas Ballarat

Where – 33 Armstrong St N, Ballarat, Victoria.
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Have you tried Tapas before?

  • Louise P
    March 7, 2017 at 9:11 am

    That all looks so delicious. You’re making me hungry! xx

  • Cate Lawrence
    March 8, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    oh yum, i love tapas too, luckily i live near a spanish restaurant