VLOG – 2016 Anatolian Show

Oh hey! Sorry about the lack of updates this year, between my mental health and my foot (I’m back in my boot again) I’ve just been lacking in any inspiration. Sorry! I also decided this year to focus more on quality over quantity.

I did, however, decide to piece together some video footage from last years Anatolian show to share! I think you already know how much I love and adore this breed, but I thought this was a great way to show you a bit more of what they are like!

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  • Louise P

    They look so cuddly! And those crazy wagging tails right at the end! So cute! Sorry to hear you’re struggling with your mental health and your leg again. That totally sucks. Hope you’re doing okay, and feel a lot better soon. xx

  • Thank you so much, I will be fine, always am. They are so adorable aren’t they!?