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So, to be completely clear, i’m stealing this ‘outtakes’ idea from one of my fave bloggers Suger Coat It! Take a moment to head over to her site and check hers out, they are amazing!!


Mine are nowhere near as fun. I take 99.5% of my outfit photos myself, and tend to delete any half blinking photos straight away, but I went through some of my old files and thought I would show off a few that didn’t make the blog post.


Also, again, sorry about the lack of blog posts. My mental health has been well, pretty crap. I’m just trying to take everything a day at a time. That also means I’ve been spending most of my time in my pajamas on the couch binge watching Breaking Bad and Jane the Virgin.


The above picture just makes me think “pantalooooons”. What am I doing? Trying to curtsy?


Am I pointing to the rabbit, or am I rubbing very high nipples?

outtakes-005And of course, and Aussie photo bomb!

Hopefully I will get out of this depressive funk soon and get my mojo back & thanks for being so understanding!



Home again!

Just a quick update to say I’m back home in Melbourne again. After 3 weeks in Sydney, I am happy to have my own bed to sleep in again. Though I had forgotten just how cold it is in Melbourne! I guess it’s good practice for my week in Hobart next month, can’t wait to celebrate my birthday and explore a new part of Australia!

What are you currently excited about?



Earlier in the year my Dad celebrated his 70th birthday. While I was there on the actual day, I wasn’t able to attend the family get together he had to celebrate. Mum found a beautiful restaurant called Ambrosia on an Olive Farm in Silverdale & after eating there, raved on about it. They decided to take me to lunch whilst I was up visiting, and it didn’t disappoint!


Of course, I had to have the Oysters as an Entree. Oysters are by far my favourite food, and if they weren’t so expensive, I could have just sat and ate a few dozen of them!! So tasty! I do love plain oysters, but Kilpatrick is my favourite way to eat them. I mean, come on! Oysters & bacon!!


This was my Mums main meal of Scallops. I ate one and it was delicious. Well, apart from the fact it had coriander on it, and to me coriander tastes like soap.

This was my Dads, veal topped with prawns, scallops, muscles & a sauce that he said was delisious. What my Mum & Dad chose were both specials for that day. ambrosia-005

I had what was called ‘Tornado Steak’. It was steak, wrapped in bacon, topped with lobster & bearnaise sauce. YUM! Apart from my steak being slightly more cooked then I asked for, it was delicious. I struggled to eat it all, but managed to eat everything bar the brussel sprouts. ambrosia-003

I had a hard time choosing a dessert as they had many things I liked to choose from, but after Dad told me about their banana splits, I decided I HAD to try one. I didn’t manage to finish it all. But it was gooood.

The view of the olive farm from the restaurant was amazing, plus getting to see so many animals roam around was fascinating. They had deer, geese, emus, plus a spotted a dog and a cat! I’m sure there was plenty more animals to spot. This was only a week after the crazy storms Sydney had, and as you can see the weather was still abit grumpy.


Look at the rainbow though! You can see a rainbow in the header picture too! Sure looked stunning! (Spot the geese up the back right behind the shed!)

ambrosia-008They had a huge pond and waterfall feature, plus look at the size of these koi! There were even more in the big pong area. Oh, and I had this divine cocktail that tasted AH-MAY-ZING!

ALSO: You may have noticed, I had a little trouble with the site recently, due to some old plugins. It should be all good by now. If you have any troubles with anything, let me know.

What’s your all time fave food?