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Outfit – Favourite Floral


 On Saturday, I attended an 80th birthday party at Lady Lavender’s Tea Room. I was in one of my ‘I have nothing to wear’ moods, and it decided to be 38°c. While this dress is a heavy and  thick fabric, I decided a Tea Room would be the perfect place to bring out my favourite floral dress.


It’s been AGES since I’ve worn this dress, and it’s a little big on me now, even with my bolero tucked underneath it was roomy at the sides & I kept having to adjust myself. This will be one of those dresses that I will never part with though. It was my Grandmothers favourite dress on me.


I had such a lovely day. I was quite excited to have a Lime Spider! It’s probably been around 15 years since I had my last one. It was wayyyy sweeter then I remember, but fun for a treat.


Dress – City Chic | Bolero (underneath) – City Chic | Shoes – Target | Earrings – Gift from my sister
Previously worn HERE and HERE

Are you a fan of florals? Ever had a ‘spider’ before?

I got a tattoo!


Yep! I can now cross that off my Bucket List! I’ve always loved tattoos, I actually designed the first one I wanted when I was in Year 6, but I’ve always been scared. Despite having numerous piercings, I’m scared of needles, so I’ve just always put off having a tattoo.

After Frodo passed away, I was determined to get a memorial tattoo. I have an artist picked out (Clare) & a spot (thigh), I only have to save. However, being a tattoo virgin, I wanted to get something small first to see how I dealt with the pain before going and getting something larger.


Whilst scrolling Instagram the other day, an artist I follow Timothy (he does some amazing line work & mandalas) posted how the studio he’s at was doing a Friday the 13th Flash Day. When I saw the origami like animals & dinosaurs, I knew I found that ‘something small’ trial tattoo. I had a hard time trying to decide which one to get. The owl? The Unicorn? Which dinosaur? I love pterodactyls, but I thought that one looked a bit too much like a paper crane. I already have a dream owl tattoo I want to get and I don’t need 2 owl tattoos. The Unicorn, well, Stacey pointed out if you get a unicorn tattoo it should be epic and majestic.

So, the T-Rex it was! On the back of my neck (if you can’t tell), so I didn’t have to watch it being done. It hardly took any time (around 10-15 minutes) & yes, it did hurt. The top more so, probably cause it was closer to bone. As soon as it’s done though, it’s not very noticeable. Now, a few days on, it’s still healing and gets slightly itchy at times. Oh, and his name is Wash.


My friend Stacey came along with me, and got a tattoo of her own. We had a 2 our wait, so went and got our nails done! Not only did I pop my tattoo cherry, I got a shellac manicure for the first time! In fact, I loved the colour Stacey chose that I totally copied her. We now have matching BRIGHT pink nails!

 And matching bright pink lipstick! Please excuse my whites on the washing line

Do you have a tattoo? Do you want one?

Make up – A little bit of glitter


When I was a teenage, I would spend hours in front of the mirror, after school, playing around with all different make up. Experimenting with colours and designs. The way different colours and products could change your face. That is what lead me to start a Make Up course when I left school.


I don’t wear make up all that often anymore. I think it’s a mix of just letting my skin breathe and not being bothered. Most days, if I put any make up on, I do my brows and put on mascara. I still have days though, where I decide to pull out my make up and play around.


I only used a bit of powder as my foundation, as I had no plans on going out. If I was doing a full face I’d conceal under my eyes and my pimples on my chin. But I don’t think it’s overly needed. One of the plus sides of not wearing foundation much means my skin is pretty clear.


Face powder – Maybelline Fit Me 115 Ivory | Eyeliner – Barry M Wink Marker Pen | Mascara – Benefit They’re Real
Brows – Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown | Glitter Helper – Lime Crime | Glitter – Lime Crime Glitter in Gemini
Lipstick – Lime Crime Pink Velvet

 Would you like to see some more make up looks?

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