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How I jinxed myself into injury!


Hi, my name is Natalie and I’ve always been a little accident prone and very clumsy. I’d been doing good on the clumsy-ness lately though, really, I was. Well, apart from a month or so ago when I really hurt my toe, but anyway. On the weekend, I caught up with one of my longest friends Kylie. We headed up to Leura for a delicious vegan lunch at Rubyfruit.


Kylie and I grew up across the road from each other and would often out-do each other in our clumsy-ness & on the drive up, I mentioned how I felt that I’d grown out of said clumsy-ness. Well, I think in that moments some trickster God was listening and decided to prove me wrong.

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I went out shopping yesterday, and on my way out of Myers, I slipped and fell. I don’t remember what happened exactly, but one minute I was walking, the next I was sliding, and then bam, I was on the ground and in a world of pain. My parents were on the level below me, so I pulled out my phone, all the while crying my eyes out. This lovely couple, who couldn’t speak much English rushed over to my rescue. They got me tissues and the man went and got a seat and somehow managed to get me up and into it, whilst another man went and alerted the center.

Now that I think about it, I must have looked a right mess, but I didn’t care, cause PAIN! Security came, cleaners came (I slipped on some sort of sticky substance, it was kind of like a slushie had been spilt and dried a little making it really tacky). At one point there must have been around 6 people all around me. I didn’t know you could actually skin yourself on tiles, but I scuffed up my knee a tiny bit, but the main pain was in my foot.


I had ice applied to my foot, transferred to a wheel chair and taken off to the medical center to get my stats done, see a doctor and get an x-ray. Nothing appeared broken, but it was sent off to a specialist to see if he could see anything (small fractures etc) which I’ll find out hopefully tomorrow.

I was supposed to fly back to Melbourne tomorrow, but have to postpone my flight a couple of days (For the first time this year I decided to fly Jet Star instead of Tiger, so hopefully I don’t have to pay TOO MUCH to reschedule). Can you even take crutches into an airport or on a flight?

So now, I’m in Sydney, in my old room, in my Grandmother’s old bed, still in a world of pain. I didn’t get much sleep last night because my whole body was throbbing. Seriously, my foot, my knee, my wrist, my left butt cheek, my back. Yeah, i’m feeling pretty sorry for myself and very whiny.

So if you can take a minute to comment and let me know –

1 – Rec me any movie, book, article, blog / something to do to pass the time.
2 – What is the worst injury you’ve ever had? Are you as clumsy as me?
3 – Did you buy anything in the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales?


My Shopbop Buy More, Save More picks!

It’s that time of year when all the Black Friday sales start, and one store that I’m always pawing over products is Shopbop. This year they have a ‘Buy more, save more’ promo, which is a great incentive to go in with friends and family to pick up much lusted after Christmas presents!

I’ve picked a few personal favourites as inspiration, & as a super easy list to pass on to Santa!

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(Terms & Conditions apply, check here for more details)

Also, sorry for the lack of posts! I’m in Sydney and I sadly messed up my laptop charger horribly, so it’s out of service until I can pick up a new one! Sorrrry!

Everyday, Melbourne Moments

2015 çoban köpegi festival! (Anatolian Dog show)


This weekend saw me attend the 2015 çoban köpegi festival. This is the 2nd year i’ve attended the festival, and the 3rd event for the Anatolian. You can see those posts HERE & HERE. Up above, is Zazu and I, if you read the 2nd post I just linked to, he was the puppy I babysat, well, he’s grown in the 6 months since I’d seen him. Click here for a comparison selfie!


The event is basically a big get together for Anatolian owners, to show their dogs in 10 categories. I really enjoyed this years Judge as he took the time to explain what he was looking for in the category and what he was looking for in the dogs.

This time around, I wasn’t babysitting, but handling Zazu! What’s the difference? Well, I took him in to the ring and helped him out when he was competing! As you can see, even after giving him a good brush, I was covered in dog hair. I lovingly referred to my dress as my ‘Zazu fur dress’. Worth it.


Above clockwise – Shahrazad having a rest || Potemkin getting a good scratch || Shahrazad shared the back seat with me on the ride home || The amazing Percy, who is in training to be a Mind Dog!


Zazu was entered into, hmm, about 4 categories (I can’t remember now), and he actually took first place in the Puppy category! I was actually really anxious about 24 hours before the event because I had no real idea at what I was doing, I had only seen 2 shows previously, but I think I did pretty well! Zazu has such a great temperament and he was easy to work with, which isn’t always the case with a 50kg dog!


It was a loooong day! Buses replaced trains on some of the journey, so we were up and on the 7am train to get to the event as close to 9am as we could. On a Saturday! I guess that just goes to show how much we love these events and the breed.


This is baby Sham Sham, he isn’t an Anatolian, but another large dog breed, can you guess? He is only 9 weeks old and weighed 11kg at his 8 week check up. Look at the size of his paws next to Percy (who is 11 months old!). Sham Sham is going to be a BIGGGGG boy!


Have you been to a dog show?
Can you guess what breed baby Sham Sham is?