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If you knew me…


 You’d know…

My dream career would be either an Interior Designer, a Book jacket Designer or a Plus size Clothing designer. I’ve also always wanted to own acreage to set up a home for foster dogs needing homes.

I have a love of shoes & that I own over 100 pairs.

I’m scared of spiders, and clowns, and dentists, and tornadoes. Actually, I’m afraid of a lot of things.

That I love flowers. My favourites being big bright coloured gerberas.

I also answer to Natatree. A nickname i’ve had for over 10 years.

I LOVE stationary. You’d know that when I was in my teens & I’d get sad or depressed, my parents would often take me to Office Works to cheer me up.

 That I love nothing more then having a nap on a summers day, with the sun shining through the window onto me, and a fan creating a nice breeze. Bliss.


I actually enjoy flying. Though my longest plane journey has only been like 7 hours. (And that I got so excited taking the photo above because SNOW!!!)

I hardly ever drink. I may have like 4 alcoholic beverages a year. Though if you want to be technical, I do love a good lemon, lime & bitters & that does have a minute amount of alcohol.

That I’m an Auntie 7 times, and a great Aunt 3 times.

I’m super dooper clumsy!

Now, tell me something about yourself!



This Lustlist is a mixed bunch. I’ve noticed I’ve been really drawn to gold lately. How amazing are those clear glasses with gold crackle through them! I kept seeing them on the ‘A Beautiful Mess’ blog & just fell more in more in love. The pink top = LOVE! I have a couple of these puff sleeves tops and they are so comfortable. I was in the CC store the other day & NEARLY bought it, but I’m saving for the move. It’s now on sale for $20! I just don’t want to pay for shipping. Of course, more Erstwilder, I have a small collection already, but there are around 70 pieces i’m lusting after.

What’s at the top of your lustlist right now?

Aussie Curves – Denim


First week back for Aussie Curves! YAY! This weeks theme is ‘Denim’. Now, i’m not a huge fan of denim. I’m very picky and I don’t really own much of it. Luckily I snapped up these jeans on sale recently, otherwise I’d have nothing to show off!


I’m super fussy when it comes to pants. I’m a bit of an apple shape and I have an ‘apron of fat’, so it’s hard finding pants that are comfy and I feel good in. I nearly sent these ones back, they are a bit tight around my waist, and loose at my knees, but I loved the colour of them so much I decided to keep them. After wearing them a bit, they gave around the waist and were quite comfy.


 I had a day off from sorting/packing today and had lunch with my Mum & dawdled around some homewares stores. I fell in love with SO many things at Domayne, though they are all way out of my budget (check out my instagram!).


 Jeans – ASOS (size 20) | Singlet – Target | Top – Best & Less | Boots – Betts | Earrings – Lovisa
Skull – Domayne| No make up. 


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