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Getting to know me!


So, I found this ‘Getting to know me’ questionnaire on Woosang was here and decided to do it myself!

Are you named after someone?
Kind of, but it’s personal. My middle name Jane however is after my Mums best friend when she was younger.

When was the last time you cried?
Just over a week ago, I had to take the kitty to the vet because he was sick and I was just overwhelmed and stressed.

Do you have kids?
Not human ones no, I do however have animals!

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Probably way too many! Shoes are probably my biggest weakness.

Do you like handwriting?
Sure! I love stationary, and have so many notebooks filled with writing.

What is your favourite cereal?
Hmm, weetbix or nutri grain probably.

What is the first thing you notice about people?
What they’re wearing & then probably their eyes.


What colour are your eyes?
Blueish gray.

Scary movies or happy endings?
Depends on my mood, but usually happy endings.

Favourite TV show?
All time favourite show is Gilmore Girls. I’m really enjoying ‘Younger’ now.

Summer or Winter?

Hugs or Kisses?


What’s the furthest you’ve been from home?
Aitutaki. (Read the posts about it here)

Do you have special talents?
Nope, I don’t think so.

Where were you born?
Sydney, Australia.

What are your hobbies?
Fashion, animals, the internet. I also love reading.


Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named Tonka.

Favourite movie?

What colour is your car?
I don’t have a car.

What did you want to be when you growing up?
Ahaha, honestly, for a long time I wanted to be a ‘check out chick’. That changed to a fashion designer, a make up artist, an animal rescuer and an interior decorator.

How are you feeling right now?
Tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night.

Share 3 facts about yourself

  1. My favourite animals include pythons, hippos, and owls.
  2. My dream since I was around 12 was to visit the UK, that’s not expanded to Europe too.
  3. My favourite food is oysters kilpatrick.


Feel free to fill this out yourself in the comments, or on your blog, let me know if you do though so I can check it out!


Have you heard of Fashion Lane?

This post was brought to you by Fashion Lane.

Hands up if you love a good sale! *Raises hand*. When I was contacted recently to see if I’d like to share this site on the blog, I went and checked it out and well, bought a dress for $35 that was originally $117. Seeing the site had me hooked, I just HAD to pass it on.


Fashion Lane does all the hard work for you. It monitors many sites (ASOS is my fave, but you’ll also find The Iconic, Uniqlo, Boohoo, Millers. Find the full list here) and gathers all the items on sale, not only that, it does it EVERY DAY, so if you check back, it will show you the price difference if there is any! Brilliant huh! It also has a feature where you can set up a ‘price alert’ and it will let you know when the item drops more in price. Perfect for that dream dress you can’t justify at the current price, but would totally buy if it drops another $10.


TIP – Try using the search function! ‘Plus Size’ brings up clothing from the likes of ASOS, Target, David Jones & Big W. ‘Curvy’ will get you a range of items from The Iconic!

The site will also share any coupon codes that are available when you look at the individual stores page, for example Neverland Store!

So if you have something in mind and are looking for a good sale, or just want to see what’s on offer, be sure you bookmark Fashion Lane and check it out before you make a purchase!


Whats the best Sale item you’ve ever bought?

Fashion, Outfits

Outfit – Dogs are the best people.

I really do seem to be liking the monochrome at the moment, don’t I? Seeing as my last outfit was cat themed, I decided to pull out a few of my dog themed items. I am more of a dog person than a cat person, so I couldn’t let the cats get all the glory!


Sadly the top and pinafore are ooooold ASOS Curve stock, but they do have similar pinafores in stock. I don’t wear shirts often, but when this originally came out I knew the mix of dog print, Peter Pan collar and pussy bow was a combo I’d forever love.


I also want to say, i’m pretty impressed with this hair colour. Sure, it’s in desperate need for my roots to be bleached and could use a re-dye, but the last time I dyed my hair was Christmas Eve. Just over a month ago! It was the first time I’ve used Brite Organix, but i’m liking the way it’s faded and it’s lasted a lot longer then I expected.


I don’t often show my bags in Outfit posts because I honestly forget, but I made sure to show you this time because it’s too cute not to! This was a surprise find at Kmart (where I could honestly spend $98274 atm!). It fits my phone, but not my main wallet, so I picked up one of those phone/wallet hybrid things. It also means I don’t take everything + the kitchen sink with me when I go out. I added my Erstwilder brooch to the bag, and this bag pom, which I also have in pink & grey!



Oh how I love Erstwilder brooches! They are releasing a Dinosaur range soon and I NEED them all! This one was a gift from my BFF Lou, and reminds me of my parents dogs. They have 3 Cavalier King Charlies at the moment (see!) & has had 2 Blenheim Cavis previously.


Shirt – ASOS Curve || Pinafore – ASOS Curve (Similar here & here) || Boots – Payless Shoes
Bag – Kmart || Bag PomPom – Sportsgirl || Brooches – Both Erstwilder


Are you a dog or a cat person?